Thursday, December 16, 2010

A Visit From Santa!

Let's hope you have not been Naughty this year would not want Rudolph to ruin your beautiful stocking.

I mentioned on my last post that I had found a site that you can go to and send someone a video of Santa talking to them. Of course, I sent it to Kaci and Bailey. I hope they enjoyed their visit from Santa.

If you would like to do this for someone special just go to  and you can even download their picture to be in Santa's Book. It shows their picture while he is talking to you. The ones you do for children are a whole lot cutier than grown up videos. So get busy and make one.

Click this site on to hear and watch my visit from Santa.


Hope all of you are well! I am totally nuts at this point because of not being finished. I searched and searched yesterday for a gift I wanted to find for Bailey but no such lucky. So my DL has offered to hunt in Austin for it so that is a big help. I have to tell you though while shopping for this gift I had two strangers and different times try their best to help me find what I was looking for. One was a man and the other a woman. Both probably in their 30's but I was so touched that they stopped their shopping to help me do mine. I can honestly say this year might have been a hard one for me but it has been the best for meeting new friends.
You are the best ever!

Next year I am starting a page on my site for everyone that wants to start Christmas 6 months early.

What have you asked for Santa to bring you?

Sweet Dreams


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