Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Better Late Than Never!

Well after getting fully dressed today I decided to put away most of my Christmas decorations.
Sorry I meant to do a Christmas post and show you what little I decorated this year.
This is one of my mantles. I used the old timey big lights on it. Never thought I would use them on a mantle but it worked with what I used for decorations.

I went with a simple wreath this year too.

Did not hang my pink stockings but some old vintage ones for me and Tinkerbell!
One of my favorite Santa's!
The other mantle in my living room. I just placed angels around on it with small lights and an angel scarf that stays up most of the time.

                                              My sweet DL Andrea ask me if I wanted this old Santa and I jumped on it I thought he was too old and cute to throw away.

Some things you can not put away like this sweet card of Libbie's babies!

Hope you are having a good week. I finally put my bra back on today. hahaha I know a little too much information. I got caught twice by two different men that came out to the ole farm house. One to pick up a truck and another looking for a place to rent. haha.....Hope my jacket covered those babies up.

Anyway remember when I first started my site and I would do the Temptation Monday's. Well I have been wanting to do those again. Instead I just worked on a page that is underneath my header called Tempations. If you click it on it will take you to a list of my friends on here that have shops or pieces for sale. I know it a little late for Christmas shopping but they stay open all year around. lol

Also I went through my bloglist and being tired tonight I know that I missed a lot of you that have shops online. So just email me with your URL and I will be glad to add you to this list. grandmayellowhair@gmail.com Plus forgive me for missing you!

Headache coming on so off too bed.  I am glad I only had two small trees to put away instead of my large one. Have you finished putting things away too besides your bras. lol Sorry I could not resist.

Sweet Dreams



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