Friday, January 21, 2011

Drained Mentally and Physically!

Where do I begin this post? This whole week has been such a nightmare that I will try to keep this short as I can but yet answer some of your sweet concerns about Gary.

I went to MD Anderson Tuesday morning because I wanted to be there when they finally were going to put the feeding tube in Gary. As you know at this time it had been 25 days since he had eaten.

The procedure was suppose to take place at 7:30 am but at 3:00 his doctor came in the room to explain to Gary what he was going to do. Then he ask Gary if he had any questions. Gary said one word and then his mouth went to one side and I jumped up knowing something bad was happening and he went into cardiac arrest. I could tell that he was not breathing and Sherry was there screaming at the doctors and they told me to get her out of there. I grabbed her and managed to get her out before they used the paddles on him.

They brought him back and immediately started the test to figure out what was next. After about thirty minutes three heart surgeons came out and told us they were moving him two blocks away to Memorial Hermann Heart Vascular Center and for us to meet them there.

Gary had to have a stint put in. By this time all my brothers and their wives were with me and Sherry.

The next few days were critical and he is still in there Critical Care Unit but doing fine. I had planned on staying until today but some terrible things happened while I was there so my dear sweet sister-in-law relieved me and I am home.

You really get to know people when something like this is going on. All I can say is I was not happy at what I saw the days I was there. Turns out Sherry is Gary's wife not financee and I was told by a stranger. Then several hours after the stranger told me Sherry told me with one condition that no one else in the family knows.

Is that not hateful and dumb. Sorry to use those words but can you imagine finding out this news when all this is going on. She wants a big wedding in the fall in her home state of Tenn so does not want anyone to know their married. Give me a break.

Watching Gary go into cardiac arrest and then surgery has me drained. Plus having stupid drama too.

To top that off Wednesday night Sherry and I were both in CCU with him and I told her and Gary at 9 they would throw one of us out for the night. Well Gary had tubes in him and he was writing everything down. He wanted both of us there because he has so much mucus in him he is deathly afraid of choking to death.  Several sweet nurses came in asking me to leave and Sherry and Gary were both so rude to these people that I wanted to crawl under the nearest thing I could find. Finally at 10:30 I left. I could see how mad Sherry was when I left.

During the night Gary kept having aniexty attachs and pulled one of his tubes out. This was around 4:30. Sherry calls my brother 2 hours away and tells them to get there now she needed help. There I was three blocks away in a cancer apartment. Of course when I found out about her calling them and them rushing down there Ms Pearl made an appearance in the waiting room. She said some things that were probably not nice but you know Ms. Pearl.

I brought my brother Billy back home last night and his wife is down there. She is a saint but I know by this morning she has had a dose of what I have had for the week.

The only thing I know is that once again your prayers pulled Gary back to be with us again for I hope a long time. They have to resume his radiation today or else. Which they would not discuss the or else. So praise God his last treatment will be Monday. Then he will be recovering hopefully with nothing else happening until March when they are going to remove a few lymph nodes.

I have said more that I should have in this post. But believe me I held back. lol....One example of some of the stuff I heard while I was there is Sherry ask Gary if he wanted her to bake him a birthday cake for his birthday on the 27th and bring it up there. I said like an idiot no he can't eat it. She said Gary if I bring you a cake maybe with food your relatives will be here.

Thank you so much for your friendship and prayers.
Love to all


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