Monday, January 24, 2011

The Good The Bad and The Ugly!

On a lighter note today I thought I would share with you the pictures that were promised to you a year ago. Last year I did this post  Naughty Or Nice?

It was about what I had did with these two pictures I am showing you today. Pretty funny story if you want to read it. In this post I promised when I got these pictures back I would show them to you.

My dear friend Max has the originals and sent these to me the other day in an email. Not asking her for them in a long while I was quite surprised to open them up. What really surprised me is I thought geezzz Sally is not as ugly as I told everyone she was the day Sharon took these pictures of us.

Sally is the woman (using the word carefully) that my ex left me for. She was his college sweetheart.
Now don't get us mixed up she is the tall one on the right.  lol

So love this picture!  It's like I have him now so go away!

Anyway I needed a laugh this morning so I thought I would share these pictures and hopefully never ever show them again. I guess I could put them back where I had them in the attic to scare the rodents.

I am better today after reading all of your comments over the weekend. If everything goes as planned Gary will be released today or tomorrow and will be through with his treatments. YEA He will be staying with me or my brother in town while his wife Sherry catches up on her flying. She is a flight attendant.

I will have to keep praying for patience in dealing with what has happened this past week and keep a tight reign on Ms. Pearl.  Nothing matters but Gary healing.

Hope you have entered my giveaway that ends on Thursday. If not be sure and click on the Temptations giveaway on the sidebar. Good luck on winning this. You get to pick your own gift from one of many of my creative friends that follow me.

Wishing all of you The Good and none of the Bad and The Ugly this week.

Love to all


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