Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Jealousy Can Stink!

                 Eloise - Candy Heart Hampton Twill Dog Bed

Look what I ordered at the modern decor section of CSN. Is it not the cutest thing you have ever seen for a darling pet.

I know your asking now why am I looking at dogie beds when it is just me and Tinkerbell that share the ole farm house on the inside. Well that's a good question.

Several weeks ago when the temps dipped down into the twenties here I felt really sorry for the outside pets one being the farm dog who was left here for my care by the owner. Sweet Gretchen and I managed to pull her inside the house to protect her from the freezing weather. The pulling routine went on for the next three nights and on the fourth night all I had to do was open the door and she flew inside for warmth. hahaha

She is just a cutie pie and has watched over me the last few years while I made the transition from city girl to farm girl. My landlady named her Forrest and Kaci and Bailey call her Dottie Forrest. Crazy name Forrest. I won't tell you what Tinkerbell calls her. Tinkerbell has put a whole new word to the meaning of being jealous.

I really did not want an inside dog but looks like I have one at least for the winter months. Strange that after all this time that she refused to come inside that now you have to trick her to go outside. lol

Last week when I went to MD Anderson I left her outside and forgot to put her dogie bed out side too. When I got home the next day I walked in to the most horrible smell. Tinkerbell had used the dogie bed for her litter box. Yep she just did her business right there on Forrest brand new dogie bed. Needless to say I was shocked that my prefect little cat would do such a dastardly deed but it shows what happens when jealousy rears its ugly head or should I say hind end. 

So of course the bed went to the dumpster and while talking to Barbara my landlady on the phone yesterday and telling her about Tinkerbell mischievous doings she laughed and told me to not worry about it and shop for another one. Then she called me back and told me to order this bed from CSN and charge it to her. My favorite words CSN and charge it to her. hahaha

I go into the site modern decor and could not believe all of the things I wanted besides dogie beds. Take a look at this chandelier. Wonder what it would look like in the ole farm house. I have a feeling she would not tell me to charge it to her. Oh well I will settle for the beautiful bed that matches my decor.

Another thing I found in the modern decor site is wall paper. I had no clue that CSN sold wall paper. I found chalk board forms that you can made different things with on the walls or there was one that went on your refrigerator. How neat! I am trying to make me a writing nook upstairs and the chalk board forms got my attention.

Hope you are having a wonderful week! Gary did not get to come home from MD Anderson because his white blood cells are too low. My oldest brothers wife went to be with him because I am down this week with the back plus I had a tooth pulled.

Love to all


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