Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My Two for One Giveaway!

If you have been good the last few weeks then you know about my new page I added on here called Temptations. On this page I tried to list sites that follow me that sell pretty things. As you know I love pretty creative pieces. I mean who of us doesn't.

Anyway good or not you can enter this giveaway. In fact you can enter everyday until it ends. Since I use the random generator no big deal right? I mean whats the difference in putting in 20 or 40 numbers. Does that make sense or is it too early in the morning to be talking figures. haha

Speaking of figures I guess you are wondering. Well Mag's what is the giveaway. Okay here it is and hope I can explain without you having to grab one of those dummy books for blogging.

I am all about promoting friends sites that follow me. 
 I don't care if you take up my whole page. If you are a friend and need your site put out there then I am here because of friends. No other reason.  I love reading your sites and laughing with you or in some cases crying.

Now I am getting off the subject of  what is the giveaway. To one person that follows me they will get a thirty dollar gift certificate to spend only at one of my followers which the last time I looked is a more than I would of dreamed of having in ten years on here much less than a year. lol  Also you can spend this with anyone that follows me they do not have to be on my Temptations list because it is not complete.

Reasons for having this giveaway are many. One is because I love you and another is to celebrate reaching the 500 mark on that follower thing. This ole woman can't figure it out but thats what it says 507 so I have to believe it.

I am calling this my two for one Giveaway because there are going to be two winners. One that wins the gift certificate and the other who they pick to buy from.  I was thinking of ending it on my brother Gary's Birthday which is January 27th. So you get busy enter every day if you like but only once a day and it has to be on this post. Not that I don't want you to leave me comments on other post Heavens no that is not what I mean but for the giveaway it only counts on here. Let's say midnight central standard time on the 27th of January. By then Gary should be through with his treatments and resting at home. So we can celebrate.

Right now I can barely reach this keyboard I am so under blankets. hahaha Freaking 23 when I got up this morning and as you know I am the biggest sissy to anything under 60. So I grabbed the ole computer hobbled upstairs and much warmer up here. Praise God for central air and heat. My little friend Gretchen sits over at the little pink house and does not turn her heat on. I begged her to spend the night last night because I hate to think of her just wrapped up in a heating blanket.

I know you gals and guys up North are laughing at me but remember I live way way down south at we don't believe in white stuff covering the ground or water turning into ice unless its in our tea. I told someone this morning this ole place makes me think I have some how landed in the book Little House on the Prairie and all I can hear is the  North wind blowing telling me I had better take cover. And cover I did with every sweet quilt I could find. hahaha

Good luck to all of you. If you have any questions be sure and ask. I am friendly it is Ms Pearl you have to watch out for. She sure is cranky this morning but contained.

Love to all


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