Monday, January 3, 2011

No Bra For Ms Pearl!

Tell me would you argue with this woman! As you all know Ms Pearl has chewed up and spit out a many of inmate when she needed to but never has she argued with me. That is until this morning!

Yesterday for some strange reason I was having pains underneath my arm pit where many years ago I had breast cancer and they removed all my lymph nodes. Rarely does this hurt but it bothered me all day so this morning getting dressed I of course like most of us reach for my bra. That's when Ms Pearl made her appearance she totally absolutely refused to put it on. Yep NO Bra today was her arguement! I tried to reason with her that the two times I was braless out here in the country my land lady showed up from Nevada and caught me. lol

Her arguement was that prehaps without a bra maybe the arm would not hurt today. Needless to say she won! Let's see we have a Wordless Wednesday out here in blogland should we declare a Braless Monday!

Just think every Monday  we could all write about how good it feels to be 9 again running around with nothing strapped around us. lol  We could feel young again  Of course now  I should warn you that if you are like me there could me some danger involved. So like anything else consider the dangers! One that springs to mind or maybe spring is not the write word here but if your boobs have started to sag or hang to low that could present some problems but I will spare you the details.  Too much information....Right!

Speaking of information Marydon from Blushing Rose and Donna at Brynwood Needleworks are both having giveways! Bra or no bra I am entering these giveaways. So should you! Your a winner already by going to their sites and getting to know them. Two very lovely ladies who would never ever run around braless but I do know one rides a Harley and the other knocks on her blogging friends door but fully dressed of course.

I will of course let you know if I get caught today!

Love to all



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