Friday, January 28, 2011

Number 54 Won and Sad News!

I was excited when I thought of the two in one giveaway because I love giveaways and this allows two people to win. As always I now use the wonderful Random Generator to choose my winner and it chose number 54.  Of course then I had to rush back to my site and count to number 54. I  turned out to be Tam.
Congradulations Tam on your win.

This is the comment that Tam left that won her the giveaway.

"Sorry Maggie I think I am the only one taking advantage of entering as much as you want too.
Thats ok my chances go up. lol"

Well how funny Tam your chances I guess did go up because your number came up. So email me at and let me know what follower and friend of mine you want to spend your gift certificate with and I will make arrangements with them. 


On my previous post about ordering a new dogie bed for Forrest because Tinkerbell was naughty using the old one for her litter box. Well my heart is breaking as I type this to you. Not more than two hours after I wrote this post my dear sweet Forrest was hit by a car in front of my house. I was at the dentist when it happened and when I got home I could not understand why Forrest did not run to meet me when I turned into the gate. No matter where this girl was when she heard my car and how she knew it was mine from others she came running to greet me. I would stop right where she was and give her a pat on the head and then drive up to the house.

The tears have certainly been falling the last couple of days for this sweet little friend and I will miss her terribly. I have not had the heart to tell Barbara my landlady yet because she loved her Forrest.

What really is so sad is that for the last three years I have tried and tried in cold weather to get her to come inside and she never would then this winter with Gretchens help we got her inside. Like I mentioned in the post before this once that happened she was thrilled and loved being inside with me.

I have several stories about her and Tinkerbell inside that I had meant to share with you because they were funny. Tink just did not care to share her home with someone else. Forrest was so laid back and friendly that she just let Tink do her thing and never once snapped or barked at her. lol

Boy we get attached to our pets and I had no clue how much I loved this little girl until I lost her. So give your furry babies an extra hug today for me.

Love to all


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