Monday, January 10, 2011

What Love Is!

Dan at Yesterday Once More will be doing a word for the week and ask for all of us to participate weekly if we would like to. This weeks word is LOVE.

Love means many things to me. One of the first things I thought of when I thought of doing this post was the gift that my darling Kaci gave to me for Christmas. She worked for days on making this for her grandmayellowhair because of the love that little girl has in her heart. Even though she just turned 9 in November she listens to what others need or want. A few times when we would talk about things I had told her of my love for mermaids and that I needed one for my bathroom.

Well you can imagine the love and joy when I opened this gift up and there made by those precious sweet hands of my granddaughters was this picture. It took her days to make and knowing her the way I do it was time that she did not mind giving. As you all know Kaci has Type 1 Juvenile Diabetes and everyday and night she pokes her precious fingers to check her blood sugars. Those little fingers have to be sore all the time yet she made this with them. If you look at it closely there is not but maybe one spot that you can see the outline. Believe me you have to really look close. She did an outstanding job and I am so proud of her. To me this is LOVE!

Another meaning for Love is the kind you have for your siblings. The weekend before Christmas I had my four brothers and their wives along with Gretchen over for a Christmas dinner. I wanted a photo of me with my four brothers with us all looking and facing the same way going down the stairs. As you can see that did not happen. Several shots were taken but never were we all standing one way or looking at the camera. It was hard growing up the only girl but through lots of football, baseball and fighting I made it. They all call me sister now.
From the bottom Billy, Tommy, Gary, Doy and Me.

Lets not forget the kind of love we have for our pets. Tinkerbell brings Love in my life everyday.
Even though from this picture she looks to lazy. lol

A love that I found just a little over a year ago was YOU! Blogging buddies are a one of a kind love. Never want to not have that Love in my life. It has changed my life.

Sweet Dreams and Love to All


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