Saturday, January 1, 2011

Wow Another Year Gone!

What a year for me to say goodbye to! I have to admit I am so looking forward to 2011.

Pictures do say a lot and as you can see by this one of me that I do need some big changes in my life this next year. A lot of stress and twenty pounds heavier since my accident I am thinking it is time for me to step up to the plate or should I say step away from the plate. lol

I had a long week at the biggest cancer center I believe in the US. Those of you that visit me regular know about my brother Gary fighting throat cancer. It only takes one visit to MD Anderson or another place like it to realize how many people are suffering from the horrible disease of cancer. Some of you my best friends out here in blog land have had it touch your lives this year either yourself or a loved one. Yet you still find the time to write me such kind words of encouragement. I will always be grateful to you!

Gary has three more weeks of chemo and radiation and unless things change quickly for him it will not be a good three weeks. He can not swallow anything solid and is now sick a lot and the pain is at a 9 or 10 most days. Seeing him this way has put my stress level to the top and makes me dread this next month.

I ended the week by going to my pain management doctor yesterday. Nothing has changed with my back and neck. He is leaning toward surgery but according to him it is too much of a risk to operate on my back with my neck so messed up. One problem fixed could only increase another one 10 fold according to him. So another month of pain pills and therapy is all I got yesterday from him.

I fully intended to take my computer with me while at the hospital this week and catch up with all of you but did not. Gary is one of those patients that takes all of your attention so it would not have worked anyway. His girlfriend called me this morning crying about him not wanting to work with her on taking his meds and exercises today  and I told her he just had to because I was taking a day off. lol See I can be selfish! Honestly I woke up this morning feeling like I was coming down with a cold. I thought no way am I starting this year off sick. hahaha

Enough on my woes.  I had wanted to do a post before the end of year to tell you how even though I am not in any way a savvy girl with computers my jumping on board out here in this world of blogging has been the "Wow" of my life! Everyday it has been the most exciting journey with you. Through blogging I have had the awesome experience of networking with the most amazing people in the world. YOU have indeed changed my world and I can not imagine being without you.

I am grateful that you have kept me somewhat centered (at least as centered as I can be) and you have let me try to be funny, sarcastic at times, crazy for sure but most of all you let me be Me and yet through all of this you still hang in there with me. You are my reminder that People really are Good. Look around at all the creative artful sites and then there is mine. I am truly honored that me with no talent to show you that you chose to be present and to be here. If I had to choose one thing that has truly got me through this past year it would be blogging. Without blogging I would have never had the opportunity to connect and form lovely friendships with all of you.

So with being so fortunate to have found you in 2010 I am totally looking forward to getting to know all of you better in 2011.

Thank you for being a true friend I can always count on and for always leaving me such kind words of encouragement. You always make my day!
Happy New Year and much love to all


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