Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Chewing Gum Can Be Lethal!

Hello! How are you this week?

I hope all of you are getting some warmer weather like we are getting here in Texas. Busy week with rehab and some other pressing issues but all in all I am good. Have not run away with anyone or done anything I could not write on here so I guess Maggie is behaving.

Today I wanted to warn all of you that love their precious dogs. The picture above is Toby! He is the spoiled child of my daughter Christi. Christi has had Toby now for 13 or more years and they are attached at the hip. You get the picture. Some of us can relate to being that close to their pets. Since Christi is single and no children I know how much Toby means to her.  I still am mourning over the loss of my sweet Forrest who I lost on Jan 26th.

Last Friday night Christi phoned me about 11:00PM so I knew something was wrong when I answered the phone being it was that late in the evening. She was crying and explaining to me that she was in the emergency room with her Toby. They had gone over to her boyfriends to have dinner and visit with his sister who had flown in from Calif. Jason's sister had her suitcase open and inside were packages of Orbit gum. Toby being the nosy fella that he is went inside her suitcase and ate two whole packs of the chewing gum. Thank goodness Christi discovered it in time and knew how lethal gum was to animals and took him immediately to the emergency room.

It was a very long night for all of us because they were not sure they were going to be able and save Toby. They kept him for twenty-four hours on an IV and induced vomiting several times to get the poison out of his stomach. Toby came very close to loosing his life over chewing gum. I don't know about you but I just can not believe that it is lethal to dogs. I am just so glad that Christi knew this and took immediate action.

Shocking that little things like gum can kill! I know most of you have pets so in case you were not aware of this I just had to do this post and share it with you. Please let your friends know also how dangerous chewing gum is to dogs. Not sure if it has the same effect on other animals but not willing to find out.

If it is so toxic makes me wonder if I will ever chew gum again. lol....Also I could not believe that this Vet place in Austin charged over eight hundred dollars for this care and would not do the first thing for Toby until Christi gave them the money. How sad is that...aren't Vets doctors who should be more concerned about saving a life than money. It is all about money now.

So everyone keep your chewing gum where your babies can't reach it and also Christi said grapes and chocolate too were harmful to dogs.

I know one thing that is going to be harmful to my cat Tinkerbell and that is a spray bottle of water if she dosen't quit slapping me at night to wake me up. She sleeps during the day so at night she acts like she swallowed a whole bucket of cat nip and she dances on the bed and me. If that doesn't get my attention then she starts the paw slapping on my face. Scares the you know what out of me when a hairy something is slapping my face. Yesterday I thought I would do that to her during the day as a way to get even with her for doing it to me so when I caught her sleeping I would slip up to her and gently start slapping her face. Well I got by with it the first few times. Like they said third times a charm she jumped up and bit me three times on my arm before I knew she was even awake. Good gosh how would she feel if I did that to her hairy arm. So tonight under the covers and lying next to me is a pink water bottle. Just bring it on Tinkerbell.....lol

Sweet Dreams



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