Monday, February 7, 2011

Come Ride With Me!

Hello! Hope you had a wonderful fun and warm weekend! My Saturday was the best day because my son Clint brought the grand babies, his wife Andrea and my son Chad to see me. I don't know about them but I had the best time with all of them.

Can you tell by these pictures how much fun I was having!
I tried to write captions on the pictures. Did not work out where you can read them. Here I am telling Kaci to slow down. That girl has a heavy foot driving the mule around the North Forty! lol

Now sissy had to let brother Bailey drive and I am screaming Turn Turn! My heart was racing! Toooooo many trees for Bailey to hit.  Kaci told him one time "Oh Bailey you can do better than this....give it some gas!" OMG!

Here we have stopped at the house and it was like OH Wow what a Ride!

Gretchen my neighbor drove up while we were outside. They were trying to get their Uncle Chad to get Gretchen to go riding with them Or maybe this is where they were trying to sell Girl Scout cookies. lol

It was a Happy Day for me! All week I had been stuck in the house with the cold temps. I know I know not like you guys up north but in the teens it is cold on this North Forty. The wind blew forty miles and hour one day and the next it snowed. To all of you in the North it was a sprinkle but to us it was Snow. hahaha

Next day it was melting and around 60 so we enjoyed a little of the sunshine.

Kaci brought her school pet with her a small thing that looked like a mouse and her and Bailey loved trying to scare me with the darn thing. It's name was Theodore! Gray colored and looked just like a mouse. I screamed like a little girl when they handed it to me in it's play ball. Then Kaci undoes the lid on top of the ball. When it climbed out on the top I lost it and Bailey hit the floor in hysterical laughter and Kaci grabbed Theodore. Wish someone could of captured Bailey laughing on the floor.

Earlier in the day they took me to a new Mexican Restaurant for lunch. Wow it was great food and the entertainment of my family was of course the best part.

Uncle Chad was teasing Kaci about a boys and  Valentines Day and she simply told him "Enough!" and that was the end of that. Smart girl for 9 years old.

Bailey was sitting at one end of the table and his dad at the other end so they were teasing him the person that sat at the head of the table had to pay for every one's meal. He smiled and said, "I left my billfold and home!"  We can all learn a lot from these two.

Hope I am not in trouble for showing these pictures. I don't usually show pictures of my grandbabies on the internet but since these are not close up's I am hoping it is okay with their Mom and Dad.

All in all it was a day that kept me smiling long after they left. Kaci sold me six boxes of girl scout cookies and I am suppose to be loosing weight. Gretchen where are you? You have cookies to eat!

Speaking of Gretchen she is trying to finish a screen play about Texas. So for the last week we have been watching Lonesome Dove at different times since it is 4 different segments. Last night was the end and of course I was crying like a baby. Boy did she tease me about that.

We also had to see True Grit so she could take notes! I enjoyed True Grit....not quite the same without John Wayne but Jeff Bridges did a good job. 

You would be proud of me too....I am on Chapter 4 with my writing but of course that is just the first draft and lots of rewriting. One of her director friends is coming at the end of the month from Los Angeles and she can not wait for me to meet him.

Hope you entered the One World One Heart Giveaway! I know your tired of my giveaways but I had to do this because it is the last year and I think it is so cool to meet people from all over the world.

Today I have to figure out how to get the water well fixed. Some of us have water and some don't. I guess you know by me playing on here who has it and who doesn't. lol

Enjoy your week! Try to stay warm.....just keep saying It is Almost Over....It is Almost Over....or just be just teasing......I love to tease you....myself I am still hiding upstairs! Ghost or not!

Love to all


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