Wednesday, February 2, 2011


                "All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them." Walt Disney

Brrrrrrr baby it is cold outside. What about you are you frozen yet. You would laugh if you saw what this ole grandma yellow hair looks like sitting here doing this post. I just went and put a scarf around my neck and a blanket on my legs. I look like I live in the North Pole. The news said it was 17 when I woke up this morning but I guessed around zero. lol

They are doing a Black out here about every two hours. Just when you get the house warm they turn the electricity off. I had no clue they were going to do this because I did not see it on the news. So when I woke up this morning during one of the black outs I thought my heating unit went out. Scared the you know what out of me.

I know you are thinking what a wienie she should come to my state. Would love to do that but it will probably not be in the winter.

Yesterday workers comp sent me to one of their doctors to evaluate me with some kind of fitness test. I drove to Bryan and the wind was blowing 40 miles and hour. Thought I was going to get pulled over for drinking and driving. Anyway this doctor was a patient man I ask him if he had read my post about patience. lol He had never heard of me. Go figure!

The test was over three hours and I told him there was no way I will be able to get out of bed tomorrow but I did and am not too bad but I am taking those pain pills. He did mention that my back and neck were not showing any improvement from the last test they administered to me. Not encouraging to say the least. He wants me to get into therapy and pronto. Also maybe consider surgery. Good gosh did I mess myself up when I fell.

Sheriff's office has been more than nice about me being off but their getting tired of it now so I look for something to happen with my job and in the near future. This doctor read my job description and did say I would never be able to do that again. Brought tears to my eyes thinking that I was not strong enough to do it any longer. Of course I really knew it before he told me. Just did not want to hear it I guess.

Anyway Dan at Yesterday Once More word this week is Courage. I was thinking he would choose frozen or rigid but I got it wrong this week.

Can not write these word post like our buddy Dan but here goes my thoughts on his word of the week.

Courage to me is:

1. Loosing a child and still able to function as a whole person. Our friend Marydon wrote a post about this the other day and it is a heart wrenching story you all need to read. My prayers to all of you who live without their babies.

2. Being a child like my granddaughter Kaci and my son Chad living with Juvenile Diabetes every day of their lives and never once complaining to anyone. That just amazes me the courage they have.

3. Fighting cancer or any other disease day in and day out. All the treatments, the doctor visits, getting sick and being afraid of what is happening to you. Bless all of you like JoJo who are going through this now. My daughter Christi who suffers with Fibromyalgia.

4. Saying NO to any kind of abuse. Especially physical abuse from a spouse. Those of you that make the decision to walk away and not take it any longer I admire you and wish you the best.

5. Being able to quit an addiction. Drugs, alcohol, smoking or eating are just a few. If I could only master this eating part.

6. Being a teacher, an officer of the law, fireman, doctors, nurses, caregivers and EMS workers. The list is long and I have left some off.

7. My son Clint and his wife Andrea for dealing day to day with Juvenile Diabetes and never ever complaining  but only seeking new ways to raise money for this cause.

8, Living a creative life! Choosing to sell your work and list it on your sites.

9. Writing your blogs. It does take courage to put the pen to the paper and undress your inner self in front of all of us.

10. Being a foster parent and loving those children who their parents have given them up. Mumsy of course comes to mind when I think of foster parents. I admire her so.

11. Going back to school for that degree that you never were able to get before.

12. Women and men who are divorced and raising their children alone. I know how much courage is involved there and my prayers to you for hanging in there.

13. For anyone who is going through the loss of their loved ones whether through death or divorce. They both are heart breaking but you manage to get up and make it through another day.

14. Admitting you were wrong and asking for forgiveness.

15. Using the word NO!

16. Loving your mother-in-law! Sometimes that takes a lot of courage but it makes your spouses so happy.

17. Living up North.....sorry I could not resist.

The list goes on and on. I may add to it every day when my brain warms up.

Thanks for always leaving me such wonderful comments. You always treat me like you really should...another thing I could not resist. Whats wrong with me. Guess I had better close before I really get goofy.

Oh I did update my Temptation page. You know I am not computer savvy so it is taking time but soon I may have the site the way I want it and this one too. Check it out and see if you like the new look. While your there check out all the sites that are listed. Also if you want to be listed on here just send me an email and I will be glad to add you.

Stay warm and join Dan on his word of the week

Love to all



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