Monday, February 28, 2011

Happy Birthday Son!

Today is Donna's Memory Lane Monday and since it is the 28th of February my son's Clint's Birthday I wanted to do my Memory Lane Monday about the day he was born. The picture above is one of my favorites of Clint and I together. It is our dance on his wedding day.

All of you that know me know that the best thing I ever did in my life was to have my three children. I adore and love all three of them beyond any words I could put to paper.

Well thirty-eight  years ago today was at the time the second proudest day of my life. Hard to believe that Clint is 38 today. Let me tell you a little about the day this handsome young man was born.

About 11:30 PM on the 27th of February some friends of ours were leaving our home after playing a board game called Wahoo with us. We always had other couples over and played this game or card games. This night it was Jimmy and Cookie Loesch. They had only been married a short time and had no children but Jimmy adored the woman that his best friend had married and he kept watch over me like it was his child coming into the world. He called me every day asking if it were time for his God Child to be born. That night when they were leaving he hugged me and said, "I was praying you would of went into labor while I was here tonight!"

Well Jimmy missed his prayer by about thirty minutes. While putting on my nightgown for bed I got the worse back ache that I one could imagine. Of course, being young I had no idea that was the beginning of my labor pains. I laid down and knew within ten minutes that I was having a baby.

My husband called my mother to come over and watch our son Chad while he took me to the hospital. Lord it was the longest ride of my life and we only lived across town from the hospital. We were in his pick up truck instead of my car and I swear every bump he hit I just knew my baby was going to be born in a darn pick up truck. lol Of course I was screaming like a scared wild woman for him to drive faster.

He had no clue as to how serious I was but maybe he did because I do remember us running stop signs and speeding.

We drive up to the emergency entry and by then he is screaming. ha ha.....They brought a wheel chair and of course wanted me to sit in the hall and fill out paper work and answer their questions. God where was Ms Pearl when I needed her. I told whoever was admitting me there was no time for that to get my doctor there and get me to the delivery room.

No one listens to a pregnant woman and thought yeah they all say that when they come in. Finally somehow we got to a room and a nurse examiness me and tells me to relax because I have at least four or more hours to delivery. I told her that my baby was coming and to get the doctor. She refused to listen to me and forced me to get up out of the bed and sat on a commode since she had gave me the famous enema.

I remember so clearly to this day begging that nurse not to put me on that commode. She ignored my pleas and there I sat bigger than ever on a darn commode. Now I am thinking God it would of been better to have my baby in that ole pick up truck than in a commode.

Sitting alone in that bathroom I let out a sound from my throat that vibrated the walls of that hospital and my hubby ran into the room. I told him to get me up on the bed and quick. Thank God he listened to me because after he lifted me up off the commode and carried me to the bed I could feel the babies head pushing out.

He ran to hall way screaming almost as loud as I had just screamed but by the time he got someone to believe him that the baby was coming I had already had my precious Clint.

Thank God he did not let a little thing of being born without a doctor bother him. I lifted him up on my stomach and cried at how I had just brought into the world another beautiful baby boy.

The stupid nurse came in with a look of horror on her face and what did she do but call the doctor. They then wheeled me into the delivery room and before long the doctor and the aniesthesiologist were there with me and would you believe that the aniethesiologist tried to put me to sleep.

I kept trying to push the thing off my face and finally the doctor told him to leave me alone that if I could have a baby alone I did not need to be knocked out for the this...... haha.

Later the doctor came into my room wanting to know exactly what happened that he was not called in time and I told him exactly what happened. No one would listen to me.

Now I have nothing but so much happiness crowded  in these short thirty-eight years of my son Clint. (named after of course Clint Eastwood.)

No one could ask for a better Son, Husband, Father, Brother or Friend.
Thank you Sweet Jesus for giving me all of my children and for my memories!

Hope all of you have sweet memories today and will share them with Donna on her Memory Lane.

Love to all


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