Thursday, February 24, 2011

I Wet My Bed!


Did I get your attention with the title of my post. Sorry I just wanted to talk to you this morning and what better way than to make you come by here and read about the ole woman who now wets her bed. hahaha

Seriously remember my faithful readers on the last post I had wrote about my dizzy cat that is high at night only. She lays around helpless and so sweet by day and then when I have read all I can before nodding off I will turn the lamp off and Tinkerbell gives me just enough time to be dreaming.

 Then she jumps up on the bed and it is high off the floor so when she lands it is like a body has just flopped down beside me and never fells to scare the be jives out of me. So then I usually turn over and hide underneath the covers while she does her nightly ritual of dancing in circles on top of the bed. Sometimes she includes my body in this dance by stepping on me now and then. You know what it reminds me of. Remember that movie where all the ladies have formed a club what was it the YaYa club and then they dance around a fire out in their woods. All Tinkerbell is missing in this nightly ritual is a scarves to wave around.

OK back to last night....after her nightly ritual then I fall back a sleep and that is when she starts the forever all night sneaking up to me and finding my face and slapping me with her furry fat white paw. If I don't acknowledge the slap then she takes both paws and really drums away on me. If it is around 3:30am then I get up and feed her because she is still on the clock of when I left for work at the sheriff's office but if it is earlier then I know she just wants attention and some snuggle time which is okay but then once I fall a sleep she is at it again.

So remember on my last post I came up with the idea to go to bed with a spray bottle. Well I did and I felt guilty drifting off to sleep thinking I was going to spray the fat darling. I soon felt that paw slapping my face and I instantly thought of the bottle. I reached for it and when I did the lid was loose and the bottle dropped on the bed and of course you can guess what a wet mess and then I was a hot mess because my planned failed.

If I did not know better I would think my cat is smoking pot or doing some kind of drug because of her night time attics.

In between her slaps last night I had the weirdest dream. It was a dream like I have never experienced before at least I don't remember having one like this. It was about a young couple and I did not know them and it was weird some of the things these two did. Usually when you dream aren't you a part of it. It was like I was a fly on the wall watching this couple and their life. I have to tell you it was a weird feeling when I woke up and of course you know how I woke up. hahah

Today is my special grandson Bailey's Birthday! I can not believe that cutie pie is already 7. My plans were to surprise him today with a visit to his classroom and have lunch with him and of course take him his present but my rehab place did not like the idea of me playing hooking so here I am stuck here and missing Baileys Birthday but I am hoping over the weekend I can give him his birthday kiss.

Yesterday I could not walk without limping like I was a 106 but today I am getting around better. Go figure! I guess that is one reason they did not want me missing today was because I was not very good at my rehab yesterday. If they were grandparents they would of told me no problem see you Friday.

Maybe tomorrow I can do a post about Fainting Goats. I think that is what Gretchen is talking me into getting out here for the two of us.

Love to all



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