Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Could not let this day go by without showing you a picture of my Ma Ma. Ruby Duncan Gunnel's. She was born on February 9, 1909 with an identical twin sister. She lived to be 84 years old.

Like all grandchildren with their grandmothers I wanted her to live to be 100 years or more. I loved her more than anything and today she brings me such peace and love to my heart when I think of what she gave me during her lifetime.

Dan at Yesterday Once More word of the week is Loyalty. Of course I thought of my Mama first when I read this word. There was nothing in this world that she would not have done for me. She was only 4'11" but to me she was a giant of a woman. 

She taught me loyalty, love, kindness, forgiveness, patience and strength.  I have never met anyone in my life that lived such a loving life towards everyone on earth. Even love for those that did not show her love. Only once did I hear her say anything ugly toward anyone and it involved me so I know now after being a grandmother why it came out of her mouth. I am sure she would of taken it back if she could have but me being me loved she said it and made me realize just how much this little lady meant to me.

An ex sister-in-law of mine married to my brother Gary was always trying her best to turn the family against me. Why I will never figure out but she was just that way. I had went to my Mama's house crying about the latest thing she had done and  I remember she was sitting in her little rocking chair looked up at me and said, "Did you beat the s... out of her!" Now I know she would not want me telling this about her but I have to tell you that coming out of her virgin mouth made me laugh hysterically. NEVER had anyone seen this side of her. Yep I guess deep deep down she had a Ms. Pearl in her but as far as I know it only came out one time. hahaha

Happy Birthday sweet MaMa I miss you terribly!

Another thing of course when I read the word Loyalty was all of you. My goodness look how you have stuck with me through thick and thin. I mean if that is not loyalty then what is? I love you for it too.

Below are pictures that I have received from several different people in emails about this Asian man I believe in California that has the most amazing yard. Today instead of deleting it I shared it with you because I thought it was another meaning of Loyalty. In order to have gardens like this you have to be loyal.

Hope you enjoyed these pictures especially in the bitter cold that we are still having all around the country. We need to keep remember that God has this kind of beauty in mind for us in just a few months.

Stay warm and keep being loyal to

Love to all



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