Saturday, March 5, 2011

Do Ghost Sneeze?

Happy Weekend to you my dear friend! I hope you are not involved in all this severe weather that is wrecking havoc across a lot of states today. So many storms, flooding and even more snow. Hard to believe!

When I was younger I use to wish quite often that my dad would move us to the East Coast. I am talking around Maine. lol....This wish was from a young girl who never in her life has been to Maine. They say be careful what you wish for because if my wish had come true I don't see how I would of survived the winters there. Now as I am older I wish for a least a trip to that area but of course in the summer months.

I have to share with you how stupid I can be and  then to the Ghost Sneeze. Yesterday was not a good day for me. In fact it was an awful day so in order to deal with it I decided to get rid of clothes in my closet that I have not worn for at least a year and clothes that were worn too much. One pile for Goodwill the other for the dumpster.

The main reason for doing this besides venting was in this ole farm house I only have the one closet. Yep you read that right. I moved from my home in town with maybe 8 closets to 1. Also no cabinets in this house well there is a small one in the bathroom over the commode. So on to the reason of me being stupid. I got rid of all of my warm up suits that I had worn this past winter and at least last winter. Maybe the winter before but who cares. lol

So this morning I wake up with the wind howling and my nose cold. Mind you I went to bed with no heat because the temps were in the high 70's yesterday afternoon. Even turned my AC on for a very short time while in the closet. Turns out some darn storm was blowing through here and yes it was cold. Not cold like you guys have in up North but cold! Immediately I thought WHAT am I going to put on for today and possibly tomorrow. Now I felt totally stupid for getting rid of my winter wear. Honestly this was only the second time in my life that I got rid of so many clothes. The last time was when I moved out here.

Wonder if I should raid the dumpster out front....hahaha...leave it to me to do something like this. Have you ever did this. Come on it's just you and me so tell me!

OK about the Ghost sneeze! I know I know this house in not haunted but then again it does have some times when I know I could be wrong in believing it is not. Like just a few minutes ago I was trying to get my hair combed so I could do a post for you this morning. Well I am in front of the bathroom mirror and I hear this really loud sneeze. Naturally living alone when you hear another human sound you immediatelyy think OH Lord where did that come from or something similar to that thought. So naturally I am thinking it must of been Tinkerbell that sneezed. To make sure it was Tink I did the bathroom search for her and no Tinkerbell. Not good so I look out the window thinking maybe someone was in my back yard. I don't see anyone.

Did I hear a sneeze? I tell you at my age you do ask yourself these kind of silly questions. Back to fixing my hair. Achoo achoo it happens again. By the second sneeze I was out of the bathroom door into the front part of the house.

There is Tinkerbell lying on the arm of the sofa sound a sleep after keeping me up half the night. By now I am clueless as what was sneezing or worse yet who was sneezing. So I go out side to take a walk around my house because could it have come from outside. I did not think so since it was so loud. Not creature was stirring not even a mouse. (sorry I could not help myself)

Make myself go back to the bathroom and look behind the shower curtain. Something a normal person would of done to begin with. No one uses that shower in the front bathroom and I am like a kid when it comes to looking behind it. Seriously I don't like doing that but I did and nothing there well nothing that could sneeze that loud. haha

Now an hour later I am just praying I don't have to use the bathroom for a while because I really don't want to hear another Achoo. So that is why I ask Do ghost sneeze?

Funny how I have a post in mind for you today and then a crazy yes crazy story like this happens. If I don't write down on a note pad what I wanted to post about today I will for sure forget it. It has happened to me before when I wanted to talk to you about something else and then I do another post.

Before I go away I wanted to tell you that Marydon at Blushing Rose husband Harold has been having some health issues and he had surgery yesterday. She was kind enough to send me a email and tell me how he was doing after his surgery. So if you can go by and wish Harold a speedy recovery he is a sweetheart.

Also my friends that are on my Temptation page are really working hard to get that site going. Some of them have wanted to be contributors to the site which I welcome anyone to do that because after all it is a site for their use. It is to support their hard work and their shops. So if you have not clicked on my Temptations page at the bottom of my headboard be sure and check these ladies out. You will be surprised at how gifted they are and if you want your site to be added to this page just let me know.

There are several wonderful giveaways going on now that I have put on my sidebar. I think one of them may end today. After you have throughly read everything possible on here then go to their sites and enter their giveaways. lol

Now what do I do today. Get rid of more clothes, call ghost busters or visit blogs.

Love to all

Achoo achoo



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