Saturday, March 12, 2011


This has been one of those weeks where I could not be me! Does that make any sense to you? I hope so because I think if you read  my last few post and perhaps this one too you might see where I just can't write or visit with you the way I want too.

Some issues have come up over my back and working or not working that have left me asking myself is my life over. I don't mean as in dying but as in living a strong independent life I am use too. Several things have come up that until they are finalized I can't write about them just yet but wanted to explain the droopiness in my post. hahaha  Is that such a word?

Droopiness! After writing this word it makes me realize that maybe thats a good word to describe  how I am feeling. Then tonight I found Calendar Girls was on Dish  and thought  hey this might be what I need to do is watch this movie.

I know most of you are familiar with Calendar Girls. It was filmed mostly in England based on a true story. I loved the film back in 2003 and enjoyed it just as much tonight. 

Of course you know me while watching it I was trying to figure out which of these old ladies was me! Then I had to wonder if I posed nude like they did what would the photographer use as a promp in front of me. I can tell you now it would not have been one of the cup cake scenes or fruit. I am thinking more of something like a huge fern that droops like I do now.

In fact I was just telling Gretchen yesterday that I had to buy the biggest bra ever for myself this week and that is just one more thing my mother and grandmother never told me about aging. Geezzzz marie who knew when body parts start drooping you have to buy larger sizes to solve some of the problems.

No wonder I am feeling droopness this week it just occured to me while typing this about my bra experience. Good gosh what you discover about yourself while your writing a post. Maybe it had nothing to do with all these decisions I have to make in the next month maybe it was having to buy the biggest bra I have ever laid eyes on.   hahaha

I feel like I now have my own Discovery Channel going on right here on Just Between Me and You and did not even realize it.

OKAY enough on me lets talk about this cute movie.

  Helen Merrin and Julia Walters star in this movie about two friends whose lives are shattered when one of their husbands die of leukaemia.
Both are active member of the local Women’s Institute, in England and enlists the support of their fellow members in a fund-raising initiative for the local hospital. Their idea was to produce a calendar, with a different woman photographed for each month. Each one will be engaged in a classic WI task, such as jam making, flower pressing and knitting. Sounds traditional enough, but the idea has a radical twist - the women will be in the nude. Before they know it, the women are hitting the headlines at home and abroad. Whisked off to Hollywood on a whirlwind publicity tour, they take their turn on the talk shows and in magazine photo-shoots. Amidst the hype and glamour, the friendship between Chris and Annie is put to the test.

Of course they figure it all out and kiss and make up.

So would you pose nude for a calendar to raise money for a good cause like these ladies did. They actually raised enough to build a whole new wing onto the local hospital when in truth they set out to raise money to buy a new sofa for the family waiting room.  Way to go girls!

When I googled this movie I found these great pictures of the original Calendar girls.

Six of the eleven women who were pictured in the original calendar sold the rights to their stories. They were Angela Baker, Tricia Stewart, Beryl Bamforth, Lynda Logan, Christine Clancy, and Ros Fawcett. In addition to the calendars, they also posed for a postcard known as "Baker's Half Dozen."


Not only did I love the movie but the shots they showed of the country side in England just made me want to watch it  over again or fly to England. I was wondering about some of my friends that live near London and have blogs if this was filmed near where they are living.  The soundtrack too was fun like the movie. I have two of the songs added by the Temptations and Beach Boys to my play list.

Sweet  Sybil who lives near Bath has the lovely blog A Day in the Life of Syb's. and also a fellow Texan Debi has a site called A Tale of Two Cities! . Debi is lucky enough to live both in Texas and England. Now what a life that sweet lady lives.  Be sure and check these two sites out you will be glad you did.

I feel better now that I have did this post. It brought a new light of my droopiness out. I guess these blogs are just really good therapy. Now I am going to forget everything but living for the next few days and even then I am leaving all of this up to God because I know he will never give me anything that he and I can not handle together.

Enjoy the weekend. I pray you have sunshine and warm weather. If not I pray you have someone to snuggle up with if not I am babysitting my daughters dog Toby this weekend and I can send him your way. He loves to cuddle.

Love to all


PS: Don't forget to spring forward with you clocks.


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