Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Good Grief!

Good morning or I guess now that I have finally got off the phone it is probably afternoon. I am guessing if you live on this universe you have experienced some what the same experience I just had with trying to contact a HUMAN's voice while calling Verizon and Lowe's this morning.

I had a question about my internet bill with Verizon and I kid you not I know it took me over thirty minutes to get to talk to a human. Not a computer with press one if you speak english or 2 if you need to be directed to Mars. Good Grief.....what the heck! I kept pressing those freaking numbers and pressing and then I never got what I wanted so then I started hitting the O for operator thinking someone would come to my rescue.

Finally I get the computer to understand that I have a question that by hitting a number will not give me the answer so then they tell me for quality assurance this call my be monitored. If they have the extra people to monitor these freaking calls then why don't they use them to answer the phone in the first place. Do they not know they took 30 or more minutes of my life this morning that I can not get back because I wasted it pushing 1 then 2 then 4 then 7....hahahaha

Plus not only did it waste my time but it shot my blood pressure up to where Ms. Pearl was starting to raise her naughty self and we all know she needs to keep quiet.

I finally got hold of Shantell and she helped me figure out my bill I still don't get some of it but she did manage to take off ten dollars that was not suppose to be on there. Then there was a charge for a text sent to me on my internet service. I told her I don't get text messages and for sure don't send them on here. I tried to explain to her that I can barely do what I am suppose to do on the internet. I would not even know where to go on here to send a text or recieve one. So she said she could block all incoming text from now on but could not give me credit for the ones I already received. Forgive me Shantell but where are the freaking text I recieved and who are they from and why would someone text me on the internet isn't that what emails are for. Anyway so I finally calm down pay the bill minus ten dollars and hang up.

Then I need to talk to Lowes to find out about get a water well reserve tank and if I need one as big as is out here now. Low and behold even Lowe's has press 1 and press 2. I pressed what I thought I needed and I get another computer voice. By then Ms Pearl grabbed the phone and threw it.

Would you believe now I have to call Sprint because I am sure my phone will not work after Ms Pearl got hold of it. Lord please help us all. Thank Goodness when I pray and talk to him he does not ask me to Press 1.

Sorry hope you are not having a bad day too. If so press 9.

Love to all



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