Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Keeping Up!

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For a while now I have been wanting to ask you how you manage to keep up with your blogging. I visit you and you have such wonderful post and picures. You always somehow manage to visit and leave the best comments so what is your secret?

Come on you can share it with me because after all I am sharing some fairie dust with you.

 Just today I found an email in my inbox saying that I had until 6:00PM to respond to a giveaway I had won. Well naturally I found it a day late! I understand bloggers putting a time limit on their giveaways so I have no qualms about that but it reminded me of what I have been wanting to ask you but keep forgetting. How Do you Keep Up?

So do you set certain days of the week aside to blog or do you have certain times everyday. Just trying to figure out how I can get better at visiting you and catching up on whats going on.

Another question do you always leave comments when you visit or do you save time by skipping the hello's?

I know this is a post with a lot of questions! So be kind and play along and tell me your secrets.

Another thing I have been wanting to ask yep another question is  Where is Marla at Always Nesting? I have went by her site to say hello and it is no longer there unless I am doing something wrong. So Marla are you out there blogging and if not I hope your okay. I have missed your visits.

What really amazes me about you is that most of you have children, hubbies, work, school and hobbies yet you turn out the best post. There has to be a secret to it. Now I am repeating myself.

Another friend I have been looking for is Marilyn. I just know a while back she visited and told me she was back to blogging and to come visit her but I can't find the comment. Did I imagine this Marilyn or are you back. lol

I am behind on catching up with most of you but I promise after you share your secrets with me I will do a better job of visiting.

Yesterday I started a new session of therapy that they call Work Conditioning and it is for two hours a day five days a week. After the two hours yesterday I could not move this morning to go back and boy when I called and told them I could not make it you would of thought I was canceling a life subscription to their gym. Geezzz did they get their panties in a wad and told me I was not following doctors orders. I told them if I could barely walk to the bathroom this morning how did they think I could drive to their gym and exercise with them for two freaking hours. Well maybe I did not say freaking but I wanted too. So I guess I am off too bed so I can get up and make it the therapy so they want have two days of wadded up panties.

Sweet Dreams



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