Monday, March 28, 2011

Memory Lane Monday's

Thank you for joining me for another Memory Lane Monday. I am linking up with Donna from Brynwood Needlework's . If you have a chance hop over to Donna's and check out her post about her dancing lessons as a beautiful young girl.

My memory today is about my grandmother who I always called MaMa.. When my children were little they called her Little MaMa.

My MaMa was only 4'11" but as they say dynamite comes in small packages and I am guessing that saying was originated from someone that knew Ruby.  She shared her birth and life with a identical twin sister and this picture was taken at their 80th birthday party. Ruby on the left  and her sister Pearl sitting on the right. Funny thing about their names there was another sister older and she was named Opal. Their mother named them all after jewels.

I can remember picking out these dresses with my Mama for this special occassion. We were on a hunt for the prefect dress and found it we both wanted Pearl to have one too. It was the first time since they were teens that they dressed just alike.

MaMa told me once that they looked so much a like that when they went on double dates to dances that they would go to the rest room and come back out and switch partners for a while. Oh how I wish I could of seen her back then doing just something as crazy as I would do. lol

Mama of course even at the age of  80 as seen in the picture had her hair colored. Her sister Pearl wore hers natural which was a beautiful white. She wore it up all the time in a bun where my Mama kept her hair short.

The memory I wanted to share with you today was of how she would cut loose and be fancy free when it was only the two of us around. One summer day while spending it at her house she brought out some old records and she tickled me to death by doing the Charleston. I am guessing she was probably then in her 60's but that little ole lady never missed a step and danced on and on.

To this day if I am quiet and close my eyes I can still see her in her little house dress swinging those legs and arms to that music. She had a grin on her face that was usually shared at really happy times and I know that she enjoyed her dance as much that day as I did.

If you ever get the chance to spend a day alone with your grandbabies just put on a record you love and dance with them. When Kaci was around 4 or 5 the first thing she would do when she came to my house was take my arm and lead me to the back bedroom where she wanted me to put on the music and the two of us would dance until someone found us.

Even last year she brought a note to me while the house was full of friends and relatives and I opened the note and she said, "Grandma Yellow Hair do you want to come upstairs and dance to Elvis with me?"
Walking up those stairs that day I had my MaMa's same grin on my face and I knew I was making happy memories.

Here is a picture of my brothers Gary, Tommy, MaMa and Me in the front row. My brother Doy in back was graduating from High School 1967. 

This is me taken at MaMa's house in Freeport, Texas. I have the pink lamp on top of the TV sitting by my bed now.  What do you think of my boots with my dress? hahaha

Hope you have a wonderful week and you make a lot of good memories.

Love to all


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