Friday, March 18, 2011

More of my First Night Locked Up!

Where did this week go? I had no idea that it has been this long since I wrote you last. So much to tell you but first thanks for all your comments about my first night locked up which was my previous post.

Most of you ask if I would continue about what happened during my first night. Actually in truth my first night was probably one of the few nights that not a whole lot happened.

I did have one incident that occured during count time. Count time is one of the most crucial jobs you are assigned to do. As you can guess it is the only means of keeping track of the 2000 or more inmates in your facility.

If your working the dorm as I was the first night when count time is called every inmate has to go to his house which is a cubicle . These cubicles have a partition that stands about three feet around their bed and a small area to sit at a shelf attached to the cubicle for a writing desk. It is what they call their house'. When Count time is called no matter what that inmate is doing he has to return to his house and sit or lay on his bunk. Count is done in this way so an inmate can not be missed or counted twice.

Prison counts of course are the only way possible to make sure there has been no escapes and therefore crucial that you get it right the first time. I do remember on my second count that night lights were out and everyone had been turned in for the night. The only lights on in the dorm were from the ones in the restroom area. I started my count and about half way down the first aisle I passed a cubicle with a bunk empty. It of course startled me because I knew that no one had left their cubicle. My eyes did a fast search and there on the floor lay the inmate right at the opening of his cubicle. He was lying face down wearing only his boxer shorts.

I immediately ordered him to stand up. I really believe he had been sleeping but I did not know this for sure. It was very dangerous for him laying there on the floor because he could of grabbed my leg when I walked by. Thank God that was not the case and I don't think his intentions.

Of course, I ordered him to put his clothes on and after I finished count that he and I would talk. He claims that he was just trying to cool down by lying on the concrete floor with out his uniform on. I explained to him that I could lock him in solitary for this act and of course when you mention lock down you get their attention.

It was a hard decision but I let this slide but made a note of who he was and where he lived knowing that if I ever had anything else happen concerning this inmate I would show no mercy. Turns out he never gave me any trouble so I guess I made the right decision. The thing that I remember the most about him was that there was not a place on this man that he did not have a tattoo. Believe me when I say from the top of his head to his feet was solid tattoo's with different colors and patterns. Honestly I had never seen anything like it and that alone was frightening. lol

Also that very first night in that dorm I met an inmate by the last name of Waldrop. Turns out after ten years of guarding this inmate he was paroled. He was serving time for killing his girlfriend. After his parole a  detective was getting ready to retire and he wanted so badly to close some cold cases. Most of these cases were horrible murders of young women in that area. Studying these cases he found Waldrop's name in a couple of the cases which should of caused a red flag to someone years ago but he diuring his investigating he found out Waldrop had served time for murder and now was paroled so he managed to get a DNA from him and it matched at least fourteen of the killings.

Another post if your interested I will tell his story. You can imagine my surprise when I found out this information. I also had several inmates that were once pro football players and two actually had super bowl rings on if you can imagine that.

Most of you mentioned in your comments how you could not have done this job. YES if I could do it I truly believe that you could do it too. That is if you had to do it. There is the difference. It takes people skills more than courage and from getting to know you like I have I know that you could do it. Thank goodness though you did not have too.

I wanted my three children to get a college degree and living in a small town with only two years of college there were no jobs that paid women enough to send three children to college especially if at one time they were all three enrolled in college. I knew if I could do this job they could have a better chance at life than I did so for that reason I knew I had to do it. You would of done the same too for your kids. For that reason I am so grateful I did it because they all have done well with their educations.

Speaking of my kids. Christi finally had her knot removed yesterday. That is one reason I have not posted. She did really good through the surgery and her doctor explained to me that he thought everything looked good even though it was a large tumor. He feels positive about it not being cancerous. They sent it off of course to the lab and we will know for sure next week. So once again thank you so much for all your prayers and well wishes for Christi. I spent two days with her and hated to come back home but I could not miss any more of my rehab and Tinkerbell was here doing who knows what so I came home this evening.

I did get to see my two sons and grandbabies for a short visit. As all of you know even a short visit with family can lift your spirits. 

Our friend JoJo is having a Spring giveaway on her site that she is excited about so if you get a chance go by  My Random Insanities and enter. Hurry it ends I believe Sunday.

Hope you have the best weekend and I will write again soon. I have something I want to share with you and hopefully my next post.

Sweet dreams



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