Friday, March 25, 2011

My Review of the Iwave Cube Microwave!

   You know it takes a lot to get this ole grandma excited these days but let me tell you when I came home from therapy and found a box from UPS waiting on my front porch I was surprised because I knew I had not ordered anything.

Well to say I was surprised is an understatement. It was from  Iwave Cube. They make the new paradigm in small microwaves.  They are famous for their mini microwaves and they sent me one to review and maybe in the near future do a giveaway for them too.  Now that would get even an ole woman excited ...I mean really who doesn't love to own something as cute and handy as this microwave.

This innovative, cute little microwave is popping up in households across the country. In addition to its widespread popularity among consumers, the iWavecube has made numerous appearances on talk shows and has been recognized by many popular national and regional magazines. I recently saw it on a blog for a giveaway and entered.  What better way to get the word out but through our wonderful blogging world.

The Iwave Cube  is the smallest microwave on the market today with a footprint of but 10.5 inches high, 10 inches deep, and 12 inches wide. Additionally it weighs an amazingly low 12 pounds. A fold away handle on the top of the unit allows the unit to be easily carried. 

I like that on the top of my unit are the classic tactile buttons of start, pause, stop, etc. with timing keys of 10 seconds, 1 minute, and 5 minutes. Additionally there are also preset times for heating your coffee, hot sandwich, popcorn, soup and gel packs

These cute as button microwaves come in many colors such as silver, red, black and white. They sent me the black and I love it.  As you know for a while now I have been trying to move my office upstairs so now I can put this cutie upstairs where I don't have to carry my hot cocoa or soups up the stairs to enjoy while writing you. 

My girlfriend saw it and went online to order her one for her camper. I know it is popular for that use as well and wouldn't it be great to have this for heating baby bottles in the middle of the night upstairs instead of having to run downstairs to do everything. I am showing this to my son who has a really nice game room upstairs with a mini fridge he can put this little microwave on top of his fridge and my darling Kaci and Bailey can heat up their hot chocolate that they love so much.

So far I have used it for heating up popcorn, soup, hot chocolate and breakfast tacos and I found it heats every bit as well as my big microwave in the kitchen. I would actually love to have one for my tiny kitchen too because you know I have no cabinet space. 

I hope Iwave does send me another one so I can share one with you in a giveaway because I truly do love mine I mean I really It is a small powerful lightweight and versatile microwave. If you can stop by their site and read more about this unit. 

Hope you have a fantastic weekend. Thanks for stopping by and reading about Iwave Cube and thanks Iwave for giving me such a lovely surprise in the mail. It is great and I will enjoy using it for years to come.

Be sure and leave me a comment so Iwave will know how many would love to win one of these wonderful microwaves.

I know that it is warming up in most areas so maybe you can plant a few flowers or just take a walk in the sunshine.  Warrenton/Round Top Show is here this weekend but unless I over dose on my pain pills I will not be going but for a little while. lol Of course I could maybe talk Gretchen into taking me out there and we could have lunch one day.

I need to call Chad and see if he wants to come down for the show. He loves shopping for junk and treasures like I do.

Love to all



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