Wednesday, March 2, 2011

This and That!

How are you this beautiful day? I have so much to talk to you about this morning but I will try to keep the post short because I can tell by the look in your eyes you have more things to do today than listen to me. lol

So I don't want that to happen to you and me your being bored and me rambling like roses in your gardens.

Glad you liked the picture of me and Clint on the previous post. Thank you for all the Happy Birthday wishes to my son. The picture is one of my favorites from his wedding day but after I scanned it to display on here it has a lot of shadows on our faces. Funny I never noticed those before in the original picture.  Clint is the only one of my children that has my cold black hair. They were all born with it but Chad and Christi lost all of their hair after a while and when it came back it was a blonde.  Of course now mine is about as far from black as you can imagine but at least I don't have to color it which is great.

Birthdays and holidays is when I realize how I miss being married. Maybe that is why I have been feeling low the last few weeks because I love deeply and that makes me sad to know he misses out on all these precious memories. Don't get me wrong I would not have him back but being married is nice....reading all of your post makes me realize what I miss.

Christi had to fly to Boston yesterday for her work. She could not get over all the snow that they still have in that area. I told her to dress warm but she like most of us here in the South don't have the clothes we need for the weather up North. On the 8th of this month Christi is having a tumor removed and once again this ole woman is asking for your special prayers for my family. I know in my heart the tumor is nothing to worrying about but extra prayers are always appreciated.

If you guys did not love me I don't know how I would get through some days. Your prayers certainly lifted me and Gary while he was going through his treatments. He seems to be doing good. Actually started nibbling on a few things yesterday. What a blessing soon he will be able to swallow again.

Gretchen went to the airport last night to pick up her director friend and I am suppose to meet him sometime today. I sure hope I behave while the man is here. It is exciting to have her director friends come out here to the north forty. I just know he will pick me to be in his next movie. lol

After watching Charlie Sheen on 20/20 last night I would say that he could do worse than having me on a set. What a disappointment watching Charlie make a complete fool of himself in front of millions. Sad so sad at least I only do it to a small crowd.  Could write pages about that interview but will spare you this time.

I hate to admit it but I am one of the millions of people out there that loved watching Two and Half Men. The show was cancelled by the network because of Charlie and all his problems. I know Charlie you don't give a rats a** about people like me being disappointed in you but what about your five little children you were blessed with in the last few years. Grow up!

Sunday while celebrating Clint and Bailey's birthdays I made the mistake and stepped on Clint's bathroom scales. Good gosh how I wanted to scream but being I was not at home I just muffled the scream with my hand.

How oh how have I gotten so big in these past months. I knew after my accident that it would be a while before I could work or exercise but good golly I did not expect this to happen. Can you believe next month will be a year since my fall and I am no stronger than I was six months ago. Even the people at rehab are puzzled over my not improving. This time of the year is when I worked 12 hours a day at the Sheriff's department and would come home and work out here. On my days off I would mow and work out here 12 hours and get up the next day and do it again.  You know because you got bored reading about all my mowing. lol Now what is going to happen out here. Maybe Gretchen is right about wanting us to get some goats.

Speaking of weight gain I still have done nothing about adding that page to my site but I feel it is getting closer day by day. I need the advice and someone to do it with me. Bought some slim fast Monday but I think it only makes me hungry. hahaha  I will make the page where you can join as a contributor where you can do post on it also. So are we ready to loose the pounds.

I miss stopping in on you and visiting. Hopefully the weekend will be a time for me to catch up. Rehab takes up most of the afternoons and my writing takes up my first few hours of the morning. I enjoy that I am putting chapters together again. It has been good for me.

Well I could go on and on but will stop for now. Enjoy your week and remember this ole yellow hair grand ma loves hearing from you. Your comments are better than anything I could possibly write.

Love to all



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