Monday, March 7, 2011

What Is This?

Hello, hope you are had a wonderful weekend!
Several years ago we bought this box out at the Round Top/ Warrenton Show. Actually it was at the Marburger Tent where my ex found this and had to have it. To me it was way too much to give for a box but how could I say anything when he never complained about my purchases. lol

I wanted to get a picture of this box without the help of Tinkerbell but as you can see she was acting as if this was the first time she had ever laid eyes on it.

As you know I have been cleaning out my closet and getting rid of things but knowing what my ex had given for this I can not just disgard it.  I have used it as a wine holder years ago but would really like to know what the original use of this box could of been. Any ideas?

Some letters on on side look like the word ends in ERBY for sure EBY RBY.

The vendor I believe told us it came from the Northern part of the East Coast but too many years ago for me to remember exactly what state.

So let me know if you have a clue what it is and if it is worth $40.00. lol

I met Gretchens friend the Director. Fell in love with him and promised I would not show pictures of him and Gretchen. They are just friends working on a movie together but since she is trying to hide out and write this screen play I will keep my mouth shut for now.

It was terribly funny watching the two of them together. They were on and off doing little skits for me and of course I loved it. 

Gretchen took Frank around different parts of Texas the short time he was here and how they covered so much territory in a short time is beyond me. You can tell their young. He has been to Texas one other time to film something in Austin but she wanted him to see where she is wanting her screen play filmed.

Frank fell in love with this ole place and told us he would love to move here and give up LA but that is where his work is for right now I told him he was young and someday he could own a place like this of his own.

Gretchen of course made me really smile when she told me how he adored me and that immediately he knew he would love me. hahaha.....Smart Director friend she has don't you think. He knows about me trying to write and he ask a lot of questions about that. Gretchen filled him in on my writing so far and he was very nice about pretending to be interested. Like I said he was a nice guy.

Seriously I enjoyed the short time I was around him and looking forward to seeing him again. As much as he and Gretchen cut up over here at my house I thought maybe they had something to do with the sneezing in the bathroom incident.  Of course, I told them about it and they claimed neither one of them knew what I was talking about yet I am not so sure. Makes more sense than a ghost sneezing  Of course I did go out side and walk around but I am not ruling them out..

Someday I would love to tell you some of the hollywood gossip that those two shared with me but I don't know if you guys are ready for some of the things I heard. You may be too young.  A few they talked about was Tom Cruise and John Travolta.

Need to go and do some research for my writing that I am working on. But I just have to say one more thing. You and your comments are just toooooooo funny. I laughed and laughed about the ones left about the sneezing ghost. Priceless is what you are to me!

Sweet Dreams



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