Wednesday, March 23, 2011

When In Doubt Look Up!

I owe you an apology and since I could not sleep tonight after my hard day at therapy I thought what better way to use the time than to write you.

When I read Julia's comment tonight which by the way Julia I appreciate your honesty. I thought what have I done by putting these chapters on my site and offending my friends. That of course was not my intentions at all and I hope you can forgive me.

In all honesty before I started writing this tonight I looked up at my shelf above my desk and the first thing I see and read is the saying When In Doubt Look Up! I have had this for a long time and should of course live by it more often. Especially before writing a post.

First let me explain something that I should of explained before I showed these chapters. The rest of the book is not like the first chapter. It is about a young man that discovered things about his father that led him to do horrible things. The other characters in the book are just normal people like ourselves (if I can put myself in that category) and there is even romance but the holding hand kind so far.

Actually the book I am working on now is not this one and it is about a young girl coming to our country from Germany and the hardships she and her family suffer through out her life.

I knew the consequience's of showing these chapters and I think now that I was wrong because I would not ever want to offend anyone and I have for that I am sorry.

Back to bed now my therapy comes early and they are really working me hard and yes Ms. Pearl almost came out today because of how much they were putting us through. lol

When I was looking for a picture to use for this post I could not find one that fit and my camera was not near by to take the picture of my saying over the desk so when I feel down I always turn to Mary Ellen's work and this is one of her paintings. M. E. is what we called her and what a blessings she was in my life.

Sweet dreams



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