Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Which Chapter Do I Start With?

Wow how do I thank all of you for the awesome comments you left me about my writing. As I mentioned in my previous post this was something I was trying to write years ago and had written 24 Chapters. Then when my husband left I could not sit down and finish this except I did one chapter and I slit a man's throat from ear to ear which was my 25th chapter. Sorry I just had to share that. lol

Now that I have tried to start writing again on another story I have in mind I dug these chapters out and thought I wanted to do something with them also. Thanks to your kind words I will now have the inspiration I need to keep writing on this story. The title I have been playing around with for a long time on this is A Father's Son but will probably change it before it is finished.

When I did pull it out and reread it I thought maybe the first chapter the one I posted on the previous post was too long so I wrote this one here. Now I am trying to decide between the two.  Which one of these chapters would make you want to keep reading.

Chapter 1

It was the night before their high school graduation and he and his buddies had gathered at their favorite hideaway to drink beer and smoke pot. Tonight would be their last time together partying as high school friends but he was ready for the change. These parties had started to bore him since he had discovered a better high that had nothing to do with drugs.

After a few hours of listening to the same old bull shit, he knew that he needed something stronger tonight than what he was getting from his buddies and the beer. He made his excuses to leave so he could end the night with the new found drug of his choice.

Leaving the party and driving to a nearby town luck had been riding with him when he found her working the streets alone. It took less than a minute to persuade her inside his truck and maybe another fifteen minutes to have her inside his Dad’s old cabin that was used only during deer season.

Slowly he led her to the small iron bed where he had waited for her to undress. Seeing her naked standing in front of him had almost caused him to burst wide open before he climbed on top of her.

The feeling he got from the warmth of a woman’s naked body lying helplessly beneath him was now the drug of his choice. Tonight’s habit had been younger and prettier than the usual whores he found on the streets.

Like the others before tonight he liked knowing that he was in total control of when a whore would take their last breath. This was the ultimate sensation of being high.

Hours later in his own bed he relived the night. The look in her eyes when he grabbed her throat made his hate tool hard all over again. He had seen that look before on others. They all seemed to be begging for him to stop. Instead the look only increased the intensity and hardness by which his tool of hate entered their bodies

Thanks again for taking the time to read this and give me your thoughts. I know it is a lot to ask but if and when I ever finish and if I am lucky enough to publish it I will of course send you a signed copy. lol

Like they say we have to dream and that is my dream....

Hope you are having a great week.. My therapy was really hard today but I managed to do the whole 2 hours.

Warrenton/Round Top show is here again but for the first time ever I feel like I will not be out there much this year. Just too hard on my neck and back to walk around the fields. I will of course have to try it one day at least.

Love to all



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