Friday, April 8, 2011

Emergency Room!

To all of you that have been so supportive of my return to work status I so appreciate you! Your comments as always have been the best ever.

Yesterday morning (Thursday) I woke up about three and when I got out of bed to walk to the restroom I was limping.  I thought oh jeezzz what now but went back to bed. Then at seven when the alarm went off I could barely raise up to get out of bed and when I did I was bent over.

It did not take a reading from one of those Dummy books to figure out that I had over done it the last three days at work. I knew I had no choice but to go to work so I somehow managed to put my uniform on drive as far as my brother Billy's house which is about 8 miles away. His sweet wife Linda then drove me to work .

I stayed in the car while she went inside to talk to the Captain.

He told her to take me to the pain management doctor which was 90 miles away. I then called the pain doctor and he was not in his office on Thursday and they suggested I just go to the emergency room.

In the emergency room they gave me an injection of Demeral and Phenergan and some tablets of Prednisone. Also a Vicodin Pack to take home. My orders were to not to return to work until I follow up with my doctor.

The Demeral kicked in pretty darn fast so I was able to sleep a few hours when I got home.

This morning I am not as bent over as I was yesterday. Yesterday morning I felt like I was bent as a large oak tree trying to touch the ground.

The pain management doctor that released me to work can not see me until 9:30 am Tuesday and the workers comp doctor can not see me until Tuesday afternoon so somehow I have to be in College Station Tuesday morning and back here that afternoon for this doctors visit.

Gretchen is checking on me when she takes break and will go to the store for me this afternoon. Right now I am headed back to bed but I know how worried you guys have been by the emails I am receiving so I wanted to touch base with you.

I guess now I am off work again until at least Wednesday. Who knows I feel so in limbo with these doctors.

Sending gooooooooooooooood thoughts to you for a wonderful weekend.

Love to all



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