Monday, April 25, 2011

I Am Sooooo Angry!

Thank you for all the sweet Easter comments. I needed them more than I can say. In all honesty I hesitate to do this post. Yet I can not remember when I have been this angry. I almost feel like a hypocrite for posting about our most prescious Jesus Christ Ascension and then turn around the next post with so much anger in me.

I can hear my mother right now telling some woman years ago you can try to walk all over me but when it comes to my kids you better think twice. Now I know exactly what she meant by this remark.

Good Friday my daughter Christi and her boyfriends sister were driving into her apartment complex. There was a couple and a young child walking in the middle of the road inside the apartment complex and completely took up the rode where Christi could not go around. She told me she drove behind them waiting for them to get over so she could pass but they never would. Finally she was just about at her garage door when they moved out of the way and Christi went around them and pulled into her garage.

Before she knew it the woman from the road had ran up to Christi screaming and cursing. She mentioned something about Christi's little sports car and her thinking she was better than them. Also yelling that she had put her child in danger by going around them.

Christi kept asking her what she did wrong but the woman just kept screaming and kept getting closer to her face and one thing lead to another and Christi pushed her away from her face. Then Christi turned to go into the house and the girl grabbed Christi by her hair and pulled her down and beat her in the back of her head over and over until Christi's boyfriend and sister somehow managed to pull her off.

Then the woman's boyfriend or husband gets involved and pushes Jason's sister really hard and I think to the ground. Somehow Jason manages to get them inside and calls the police.

Two units showed up because someone else had already called the police. Christi told her side the woman told hers and the police obviously did not want to go to the trouble of an arrest because they told Christi since she pushed the woman first then if she filed Assault against the woman then Christi was going to jail too.

As far as I know Christi has never ever been in a fight or gone to jail. She was crying and hurt while this was going on but the police did not want to hear her side. Even though this happened in Christi's garage and Christi had a big goose egg knot on the back of her head.

Thank goodness Jason took Christi to the emergency room and had her looked at both that night and the next day. She keeps telling me she is okay but just really hurting and even some of her hair was falling out.

They were suppose to come to my house Easter Sunday for dinner and I was going to meet Jason's sister from California for the first time. Due to Christi's injury they did not come and I paced the floors wanting to go to her but she kept telling me not too.

I can not tell you how angry this made me. I can take a lot and have taken a lot but when it comes to my children then it is a whole other story. Honestly I am ashamed of the anger I am feeling towards that couple.

I know their type because I have booked ones just like them hundreds of times. Mean to the bone. They think we owe them something and they live off of our tax money.

It is a good thing that I lived 90 miles from this woman at the time I heard this and that I could barely walk because of my pain or I am pretty sure I would of gone to Austin and would of ended up in jail myself.  Never have I wanted to not turn the other cheek like I have in this situation. Ashamed yes I am but they hurt my baby for no reason and it appalls me that they got away with it.

Also how do I know this is over with. People like this don't forget and they go back and hurt again. I told Christi to start immediately to get out of that lease and away from those idiots. I also told her to get a restraining order today on them but as of this writing I don't know what has been done.

While writing this I noticed how tight my jaws were and my teeth jammed together like someone ready to fight. My daughter's first mistake was pushing the woman but of course I understand when some one is screaming in your face that is a first reaction. Her second mistake was turning her back to her. Since Christi is such a good person and never been in a fight had no clue how you don't turn your back on someone like this.

Oh how I wish when she saw that woman running up to her that she would of ran for her back door instead of trying to talk to this crazy idiot. I know I over re-acted when I was being told this story but this is three days later and I am still furious.

What kind of world do we live in now? So sad and scary.

Forgive me Lord for my anger and help me to remember to love my neighbor and to somehow forgive these people.

Thanks to you I have vented and I know that you will pray that my daughter can heal not only outside but inside because being assaulted like this takes a very long time to get over and sometimes you never do.

Love to all



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