Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My Idiot Doctor!

Kaci was busy Saturday dying Easter eggs. I think she did a great job!


                                   Chad and Andrea left and came back with me some pretty Salvia.

                                    Never tried planting tomato plants in a pot but look what happened when I did. lol

Just wanted to post and let you know that Christi says she is doing pretty good considering what happened on Good Friday. Keeps telling me not to worry. They found out the woman that beat her is a Stripper at some club there in the Austin area. What I would give to have a chance to meet this woman but better I don't.

Hope all of you had a wonderful Easter. Hard to believe April and Easter are already gone and May will be here soon. Don't forget my giveaway for the chocolate ends on May 1st. 

Last Wednesday my pain doctor did four injections into my back for my pain. He told me it should work in a day or two so I was excited that I might get some relief. Well that will be a week tomorrow and I have had no relief as of yet. Hope there is still hope from these injections. But I have my doubts.

I really got upset this afternoon at 5pm when his nurse called me to inform me that Dr. Fino had called my Captain and my workers comp adjuster and made arrangements for me to go back to work again with plenty of restrictions. This is what he did for me two weeks ago and I ended up in the emergency room.

During my visit with him last Wednesday we talked about going back to work and we agreed to wait until after he sees me on May 2nd to see if the injections work. The man went back on this agreement and now I am I guess going back before then. This doctor is such a jerk. He has no clue whether or not these injections worked and I gather could care less.

It is time for me to get a good attorney. One that will listen to me and understand my problems with dealing with doctors that don't listen to me. His nurse had the gall to tell me that he was putting lots of restrictions on my return to work including rest every hour even lying down if I needed too......now where does this idiot think I am going to lay down in the Shriff's Office. Does she think they have cots sitting around for workers like me or do they open a cell and let me share a bunk with the inmates. What are these people thinking?

I told her it took me all day today just to get dressed and feel like a human being. I was actually crying today  when she called which is something I rarely do but today and yesterday the pain has really been bad.

Anyway sorry for this post but I am just so tired of putting up with this crap. They are just trying to get me to quit because they know I am in too much pain to work yet this doctor who obiviously works for them says I can under lots of restrictions. I would love to see him and his nurse work one hour in my position. Just one hour is all I am asking. hahahaha

It just makes me mad that he and I agreed on waiting until after the 2nd and he goes behind my back and makes arrangements with my Captain for me to return. What kind of doctor does that?

I think I can change one time with workers comp for a doctor so I know I will be changing but the thing is I will be changing to another one of their doctors. I can't win for loosing.

If I end up in the emergency room again I promise you Ms. Pearl knows how to find that doctors office without my help. lol

Sweet Dreams


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