Monday, April 4, 2011

My Prayer Bench!

Thanks to all of your prayers I made it through my first day back at work! As you can see from the picture above my prayer bench is well worn. lol...Before the week is over I am sure this worn out spot will have grown.

My pain level is considerably higher today of course than yesterday because of the four hour shift and the hour on the rode. Everything has changed since my last day there and I will have to be totally re-trained for even the light duty I have been assigned too. They spent 4 million on renovations and a new building and nothing is the same.

I hate to admit how long it took me to put on my uniform for work today. Jeezzzz I am going to have to get faster at this. I did notice I need a new utility belt and bigger pants.

All in all I was treated fair! I could tell that a few resented me coming back and put on light duty but I expected it from the ones that did. Funny how no matter where you work there is always that few.

When I was leaving they were bringing in a female from prison back to our facility and I recognized her as a female I had booked in for murdering her live in boyfriend almost two years ago. She shot him in the head while he was sleeping. He did not die immediately and so while I was booking her for Attempted Murder I received the phone call that he had died so then I had to re-book her for Murder. I still remember that morning as if it happened yesterday. So it was strange seeing her this afternoon. I guess tomorrow I will find out why she is back here instead of prison. Who Knows?

I had Gary move the prayer bench down stairs for me so it would be easier to use but I have not found where I want to put it. Right now it is sitting in the master bedroom near a book shelf.

I bought this bench with this finish and keep thinking I might redo it but then again I like it this way too. What do you think? I gave thirty dollars for it out at the Warrenton/Round Top Show and believe me it is the best thirty dollars I have ever spent.

This years show is already over with as of yesterday. I missed going out there and walking around like I usually do but the show returns in 6 months. lol  I did ride out there with Sharon one day to pick up some things she bought so I will share some pictures of us on another post.

I am going to rest for now but promise in the next few days I will catch up with everyone that I possibly can.
Thanks as always for visiting me and leaving your kind and sometimes hilarious comments.

Please pray for my friend Sybil in Box, England. She has the blogA Day In the Life Of Syb's. The last few weeks I have been worried about her since she had not posted. Then yesterday I found that her dear sister Sarah had suddlenly passed away so Sybil really needs our prayers. What a sweetheart she is and I wish I could give her a big hug.

Off to rest my back for now

Love to all


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