Wednesday, April 13, 2011

No Bluebonnets but Roo is here!

The county I live in is famous for it's Blue Bell Ice Cream and our state flower the Bluebonnets but this year the Bluebonnets are few and far between. Here on the way back from Warrenton/Round Top Show in early March we found a small patch while visiting Sharon's mothers grave site.

Neither one of us could walk very far so the show was not enjoyed this time but maybe in the fall.

This is me hiding behind a big hat that comes with me on most of my trips to Warrenton. 

My friend Sharon wearing her favorite color pink. Isn't she beautiful! Everyone always ask if we are sister's and sometimes we just say Yes! lol

Gosh after my trip to the emergency room that day seems like it was months ago instead of last month. I could actually get up and down .....hahaha

Yesterday I went to two doctors appointments one only to ask me why I came to see him. Duh  I had no choice he was the workman's comp doctor. He initially saw me when I first had my accident and like before he was no help.  Also saw the famous pain doctor who sent me back to work too soon.  I so wanted Ms. Pearl to come out on him but dang the ole woman hides when I need her. Gave that some thought on the way home and all I can figure is she is so doped up and laid back now that by the time she realizes she should speak up the moment is over with. Who knows why she is quiet sometimes and louder than a wildcat the next.

So good ole pain doctor decides that I should come back in a week for some injections in my muscles and maybe that will help. He thinks I should stay off work for now too. Wonder what made him make that decision.
I dread the thought of this man giving me any kind of injection especially in a muscle.

Called my Captain to tell him their force back to work thing would have to wait at least another week. I could tell he was disappointed because I know their short handed. Actually plenty of people just not enough workers. What's that saying too many chief's not enough Indians.

I tried to explain to the doctors that there is no light duty in a sheriffs department but that went in one ear and out the other. I told them about the violent inmate who tried to beat himself to death with his own fist that did grab their attention but only for a second.  Actually I can't get that picture out of my brain. It has had a major impact on me because in all my years of law enforcement I have never seen anyone actually use their own fist to beat theirselves up. Horrible never want to see that again.

Well my friends it is in the middle of the night and I have been to bed twice but sleep will not come because of the pain so I thought I would do a post so I could touch base with all of you and to Thank You for all the comments, emails, phone calls and cards. You are the best friends ever and one main reason for blogging.

Let me end this on a Happy note. Our sweet friend  Libbie, at The Middlest Sister site had a darling baby boy last week and she named him Roo.  Roo has a beautiful sister Annie, and two very active brothers Bo and Rocco. Libbie honey aren't you glad you have sister Kate to babysit that is when she is not playing professional football.   Kate has the blog Auntie Cakes and one of things on my bucket list is to watch her play a game. I hurt all over thinking of her playing pro football.

Is that not the cutest baby boy you have ever seen.  If you can go by and see this adorable little guy and congradulate Libbie. I love Libbie and her family. They adopted me via internet and now I have Sisters in MN. lol  If it weren't so darn cold there I would re-locate but then I would miss my adorable family.  

Love to all



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