Saturday, April 2, 2011

No More Braless and Haggard Days!

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Well my bra less and haggard days come to an end tomorrow. Remember I was talking about a certain doctor who seems to be 12 shy a dozen well I have fool proof of that now. He sent the Sheriff's Office a work status that I could work four hours a day with lots of restrictions. The Sheriff's Office decided hey sounds good let's get her back here never mind she is constant pain from her injury.

On one hand I look forward to returning to work since I had no intention of not working for several years to come but on the other hand I can not for the life of me figure how I will cope with four hours of not being able to rest or lay down. I guess by Monday afternoon at three I will have figured that concern out. If it were maybe one or two days a week I might not be so worried but it is five days a week and on those same days I will be doing two hours of therapy. Believe me those techs at therapy take their jobs very seriously and there is a full two hours of stressful excercise.

I talked to an attorney and she said this is what they call a forced back to work before the worker is completely healed. She said it is their way of either terminating you for not taking the part time offer or that you will be in such pain when you do work that you will quit. She also said a lot of employers will be so mean to someone when they come back that they just quit. I honestly don't think that the Sheriff's department where I work would sink that low and if they do Ms. Pearl will rear her ugly head and then only God knows what will take place then.

Gretchen came over last night to cheer me up and eat some Bananna Pudding Ice Cream and to see how she could help me get ready to return to work. Well we decided I should try on my uniforms since I have been complaining about gaining weight since my fall. Yep I was right about that....only one pair of pants fit me and they are tight. Good grief!!!! Give me another scoop of that ice cream.

It is always fun to here stories about her acting, writing and school days. She went to college in Boston and Europe. One year in college she lived in a castle that was owned by the school. It was where the students stayed and even had a mote. Can you imagine living in a castle while in college. It was in a small village right out of Amsterdam. They closed the castle down on weekends so all the students traveled the country until back to classes on Mondays.

She loves coming over here and sitting on my porch and us share stories. I know I love it even more because what a delightful young lady to have for a friend and neighbor. Plus she encourages me on my writing and we talk about ways to help each other. I promised her even though I will be working again I will do my best to write every day.

I had to laugh at her last night because she did a few skits for me from her screen play she is writing. Also she wanted to talk about us putting in a small garden here just for the two of us. She wants to do it in pots. I think this young lady is good for me. Only thing is she still has her mind set on buying some fainting goats for us to walk around with. hahaha

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend.

Love to all



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