Wednesday, April 6, 2011

OH What A Day!

Hope you are having a good week! Thought since I could not sleep yet I would fill you in on What's New with my going back to work!

Only the third day back at the Sheriff's Office and all Hell broke loose when they brought in a young man acting so violently that he was a danger not only to us but himself.

I thought that my light duty assignment would be stuck off somewhere out of the loop but I was never more wrong in my thinking. I am right in the big middle of where everything takes place.

Today on the radio a Deputy tells me to get things lined up for him he was bringing in a violent male that would take assistantance in getting him inside the jail. I had maybe three minutes to get as many Officer's I could for back up to that area. My job was radio, phones, monitors and doors so I had to forget my pain and make sure everything was done exactly right and in prefect sync with the Officers to avoid someone getting hurt by something I might not have done right.

I managed to get the sally port doors opened and closed in the right amount of time. It was then that I had to make sure the other doors going out to the sally port were unlocked and being a whole new work area that I was not familar with it was quite the experience of trying to make sure every door was opened and shut in the right amount of time. Plus I am dealing with this and then at the same time I have other Officers trying to get in from another section of the building and I am having to switch computer screens back and forth and monitor the cameras and even now while I am reliving it I get totally wired up.

They bring him in and take him to the Violent cell and their yelling at me to unlock the Violent cell. Well like I mentioned this is my third day back and when I was there before my accident our doors were all opened by keys now the jail is completely different with the new 4 million addition so no one has trained me on completely on controlling these doors through this computer. So here I am trying in seconds to find a door on the computer that might be marked Violent Cell. Looking at the screen is like looking at some kind of maze with lots of doors and numbers next to these doors. Problem is their all the same size and their all in grey color which makes finding one door your not familar with pretty darn hard. I knew about what area it was probably lcated and I switched the screen to it and got lucky enough to find it just as they were rounding the corner and I caught them on camera and managed to get the door opened at the exact time they needed it.

The first thing they had to do was strip him of his clothes because he had a history of suicide attempts. He is fighting them the whole time and when you have a person on drugs their four times as strong as you are and it takes at least six men to control him and their all putting in every bit of their strength they have to keep someone from getting hurt.

He is now locked in the padded violent cell and I look at the monitor and he is hitting himself over and over with his fist with blows to his face. I have worked in law enforcement almost 20 years but never have I seen anyone beating theirselve up like this young man. The blows he was giving himself was incredible. I start at once getting everyone back to that area and once again I open the door for them to go in again. This time it is even harder to control him because you can imagine if he can stand there and beat himself up what he can do to an officer.

With a lot of work but professionally they put him in the suicide chair and bring him up front to where I am so he can be watched face to face instead of the monitors. I am like oh my God their bringing him up here to where I am. Yep he is right out the door where I am working and I now have him to watch plus the computer screen where everybody is hollaring open this door, then another area someone is hollaring open this door and I am like why oh why did they force me to come back to this.

Now the young man in the suicide chair goes from cussing and screaming to crying that he just wants to die. It is heart wrenching to watch a young man in probably early twenties so crazy like this. I assume his brain has been fried on drugs.

Straight up 3 pm I scoot my chair back and said "Who is taking the driving seat now because I am out of here!" Normally I would never leave with something going on like this but my time was up along with my pain level and I had to get out the door.

I do know after today and dealing with all that stress that it made my pain level go to 10 in a matter of minutes. lol.....

Driving away from there today all I could think about was no wonder they forced me back to work. Who else are they going to get to put up with such crap. I mean here I was watching a young crazy man stand naked in a cell trying his best to beat himself to death. How sad to be this young man and how sad to have to watch and deal with him also..

Just think I am lucky enough to be back there tomorrow morning.

Sweet Dreams



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