Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Remember our Troops!

It has been too long since I have asked for prayers for our troops. Lying in bed this past week in pain I thought my pain was nothing compared to the pain in the hearts of our troops and their families because of the miles that seperate them from each other at Easter.

Let's all thank Almighty God for the women and men that are putting themselves in harms way for us and of course our freedom.  Pray for their safe return to our wonderful country and their loved ones that miss them so much.

I know that there are wifes and husbands who reach over in the night for their spouses and only to find the bed empty. Tears must feel their eyes and the hurt in their heart must be overwhelming. 

In the other bedroom they can hear their little boy or girl crying softly for their daddies or mommies and it only adds to their pain. When you pray for these soldiers ask God to comfort their families and give them the strength to endure such pain and loneliness.

Since those three days that I returned to work and ended up in the emergency room I have had more bed time than I would like to admit to you. It does give you lot's of time to think about others and their lives. I also have been worried about all of you that live in or around the horrible weather that hit a lot of states a weekend ago. One lady I thought of was Patti  who has the blog Arkansas Patti.. I knew she lived alone and I worried if she was okay. Patti was kind enough to send me a email letting me know she was fine.

I talked to my son Clint last night and he mentioned that Kaci's blood sugars have been running too low at night so please add her to your prayers.  What a ordeal it is to have diabetes! I know that a lot of you have the same problems and I pray each night God finds a cure for this disease.

My brother Gary that so many of you prayed for is at MD Anderson today to have his feeding tube removed. He has been doing really good since his treatments ended. I still can't believe how much weight he lost but thanks to all of you and your prayers I truly believe he is going to be healthy again.

One thing I did think about while lying in bed was how God has given us a tool to connect with hundreds of friends that we would of never met or loved with out Blogging. It not only has helped me to solve a lot of issues in my life but it has brought me such love. I know I am repeating myself but there is a true blessing when all of us pray for each other. Lifting our friends on here up in prayer has to be the most reward any of us receive from blogging. Because of your prayers and God's healing my brother is well today. Thank you for being my friend.

Love to all


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