Monday, May 2, 2011

And The Winner Is....

Since the discovery of the Random Generator I have been using it to pick my winners. It was funny today when I looked at what number came up because I had to do a double take because it picked the last number and I don't believe that has ever happened with my drawings before. lol

So I could not wait to see who entered last and it was Connie who has the great site I Started Out As A Child.  Congradulations Connie you are the winner of my Chocolate Giveaway. If you will email me  your preference of fudge or peanut clusters and of course where to mail the sweet package. I am really glad Connie won but I just wish I could send all of you some chocolate.

Thank you all for entering this sweet giveaway and stay in touch because I will be doing another giveaway soon for celebrating Mothers Day and my Birthday. Don't give up on winning your number just may be the next winner.

I have to leave now for my pain doctorts visit. My sweet sister-in-law Linda is driving me. Linda and I have been best buddies since the first grade and then 12 years later she married my oldest brother Billy. God certainly Blessed us when that union took place.

Could not believe the news this morning when I woke up. The devil himself was returned to hell. More on him later.

Love to all


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