Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Developing News Update!

This past week has been one heck of a week. My heart goes out to all of the people touched by those horrible tornado's that killed almost four hundred people and destroyed so many others lives. The devastation is unbelievable and heartbreaking to watch. I can not imagine how these poor souls are going to be able to put their lives back together. It is going to take a lot of help from us their neighbors. I have a list of things that I picked up from the Sheriff's Office on what they are gathering to take to these areas. So if you can ask your local law enforcement or churches where you can donate. Anything will mean so much to those that have nothing right now.

Then Monday morning I am sitting in the waiting room at the Rehab center and I hear on their TV that Osama had been killed. To tell you the truth even though it was CNN broadcasting I still could not believe what I was reading. Sad to say I wanted to shout with happiness which seems odd to want to do over a death. Is it wrong though to feel happiness over the devil himself being returned to hell.

My developing news is not good. A lot of you have been so kind to ask about what happened at the doctors office Monday afternoon. I could write a description here of how I feel about this man but I will spare you the obscenties and just say he is an absolute jerk. He never once examined me or cared that I was still in a lot of pain. His mission for that visit was to send me back to work and would not even consider otherwise. I return tomorrow morning part time with a few restrictions but not many. You would think after I eneded up in the emergency room after just working three part time days they would think maybe she can not work but no instead they maintain their stupidity.

All dr idiot did again was prescribe more pain pills. This time he prescribed pain patches. He would not listen to me when I ask for another MRI to see what was going on and he told me no surgery. He went on something about my workers comp was about to platuea and that after these therapy treatments I am doing now that workers comp probably would not approve anymore. In six weeks he would give me a test to determine my strength and they would go from there.

Your not going to believe this but I am not lying to you......he said that if I needed to ly down at work that they would let me rest in a cell. Can you believe that a Doctor would tell their patient that if you are hurting no problem they will find you a inmate cell to lay down in. I know now I have heard everything there is to hear from an idiot. I looked at him like he had lost his ever loving mind. 

I did finally manage to find an attorney to help me. I just pray she does a good job representing my case. She is Board Certified in Workmans Comp so let's hope I have no regrets when it comes to that decision. It is hard to pick an attorney like it is to pick the right doctor. Thank goodness I was not responsible for picking this pain management doctor that thinks you can lay down in a cell when you need too. What freaking school did this man graduate from or did he.

When I told my new attorney over the phone about resting in the cell she totally lost it laughing. lol Could you see me doing just that. I mean what kind of diseases do these inmates carry and then to lay down on the same mats that they lay on. I just wish I could relive that moment with Dr. Idiot I believe I would hit him with something. Anything would do....maybe even one of those plastic bone things that sit around in their offices. hahaha

I tell you if my Sgt or Captain suggest this tomorrow I honestly don't know what will happen. Crazy just crazy!

Well I hope all of you are having a wonderful week. I miss talking to you. I will do my best to try and visit even though I know for a while I am going to be dead when I get home in the evenings. I just hope I can do it and not end up in the emergency room.

I need to get off here and make sure my uniform and boots are clean. I should even try to turn in early tonight because tomorrow will be very stressful.

Can you just visualize this tomorrow..........Ok I need a break you can find me in Cell 99. Hey can you keep the noise down there is an Officer over here trying to take a nap for 15 minutes.  hahaha

Keep me up to date on you and I hope to talk again soon.

Love to all



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