Monday, May 23, 2011

Enough Is Enough!

No more lying around feeling sorry for myself. I am starting to look like my cat Tinkerbell!

Since I was forced back to work in the pain I find myself walking around with a negative attitude.  All of us have our bad days, good days and those in between days.

I do know that walking around with this negative attitude will do nothing but take years off my life.

After another sleepless night I know that I need to work on building my Faith.  I need to put my energy into things I must do right now to make a difference in my life. This worrying has gotten me nowhere and believe me when I say achieving the status of victim is not an achievement worth having.

Waking up again bent over I thought of calling in sick. But then I thought of my Kaci and how she is only 9 years old and gets up every morning checks her blood sugar first thing in the morning so she can take her first of five shots a day and a dozen finger pricks and I am ashamed of my attitude. If this little girl and millions of other children can endure day after day of Juvenile Diabetes then surely I can handle one more day in a crazy jail.

So I must hurry and get off here and put on my uniform and work on my attitude and Faith today.

Another thing that has helped me this morning is I reread all of your comments left on the last two post and YOUR words once again have given me the strength to keep going and to make me thankful of what I can do and try to be the best I can be whether stooped over in pain or walking tall.

Hope you have a wonderful day and Thank You for being my friend and leaving me such words of encouragement. They help me more than you know.

Love to all



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