Sunday, May 15, 2011

Happy Birthday To Me!

Isn't this the cutest vintage birthday card? I found it in my locker at work on Friday the 13th my Birthday! A Deputy friend of mine always remembers everyone's Birthday.

Don't Birthdays come around fast. At least they do for this ole grandma. lol.....I still can't believe I am this old and got this old really fast.

All last week I tried to do a Birthday post on here and never could get into Blogger. When Marydon phoned me to wish me a Happy Birthday she told me Yes, blogger had been down since Wednesday. So I guess I am not the only one that had problems with posting.

I suppose the post I wanted to do for my Birthday will be still be good by next year. lol Instead I came up with this idea. My sweet DL Andrea tries to keep me in the loop about what's happening with Kaci's diabetes therefore I got this email from her that I have copied and pasted to share with you. As most of you know I am so proud of how Kaci's handles being a Juvenile Diabetic. She is my little hero along with her Uncle Chad who also is a Juvenile Diabetic.

The first part of the email I am sharing with you is written to Kaci from Juvenile Diabetes Foundation. Second part is a note to me from my DL Andrea. The last part of the email is a letter that Kaci wrote along with her entry.

Now here is what I came up with to do my part to help Kaci raise money. For every Happy Birthday comment I receive on this post I will donate a dollar to Juvenile Diabetes Foundation and hopefully my donation with help find a cure and of course help my precious Granddaughter's Car Drawing come in First Place.

This is one post I hope I get a lot of comments from all of you! Thank you for always coming by and checking on me and leaving me sweet comments. I hope to visit you soon too.

Sorry for such a long post. Here is the email and Kaci's letter.

Congratulations, Kaci!

We have just received your entry for the JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation) Race Car Design Contest.


Your design will be posted on our website with voting to begin on May 4 and run through June 30, 2011.Be sure to send the following link of your design to family, friends, and neighbors and encourage them to make a donation to support your design!

REMEMBER, the funds raised are credited directly to your family walk team and the more you raise, the better your chance of winning. So send the above link to everyone you know!

Post it to your Facebook page and Tweet it too!Representatives from Ford Motor Company's Motorcraft and Quicklane Divisons and the Wood Brothers will select a final winner from the top five designs that raise the most money. The winning child and his/her parents will participate in the vehicle unveiling at Ford Motor Company's World Headquarters in Dearborn, MI on Thursday, August 18, 2011. In addition, the winning child and their parents will get to see their design run on the No. 21 Motorcraft / Quick Lane Ford Fusion at Michigan International Speedway for NASCAR Sprint Cup qualifying on Friday, August 19, 2011.

**Good luck!Your friends at JDRF and Ford**

So- We need YOU! You can click on the above link and make a donation of $1 or more and cast your vote for Kaci's car design (attached) It is the blood drop she sees each day when she checks her bloodsugar. Notice he has pricked his finger for testing too!All the money you donate will go towards our, "Say Boo To Diabetes" walk team in October~ You can vote as many times as you want....and feel free to spread the word! Attached you will see the letter that Kaci has created to share with all of our family and friends.

Just click on Kaci's letter below to read it. I could not get it to let me copy and paste it. But if you click it on you probably will be able to read it. I hope so.

Hopefully my next post I can tell you about scaring Gretchen and how I spent my Birthday!

Sweet Dreams and Love to All



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