Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!


Could not let this special day go by without wishing you a very special Mother's Day. 

It seems I did let this day go by before getting back to this post. Wow can't believe it is already Sunday night. Now that I am back to work days off will fly by for sure.

One thing that has kept me from blogging beside my work and pain is my daughter Christi moved back home for a while. Remember a few post back about the horrible attack on her in front of her apartment well she has not felt safe since then and is staying with me for a while. It has been 13 years I guess since my baby has lived with me so I know it will be a lot of adjustments but being the sweetheart she is I know that it will work out until she decides to go back to Austin. Thank goodness she want be going back to that apartment complex. I hope she stays long enough to heal and save money.

Tinkerbell is use to being the Queen of the North Forty so having a dog in her world again is not her cup of tea but I am hoping she comes around and stops being rude to sweet Toby. She hides behide the door ways waiting for him to come thru and then she jumps out and hisses at him. He totally ignores her which probably makes her even madder. lol

My oldest son Chad came by this evening on his way from Houston to Austin and took Christi and I out for dinner. It was nice having dinner with two out of three of my children for Mothers Day. Just a few minutes ago my other son Clint called to wish me a Happy Mother's Day. I thought of my mom and grandmothers all day today missing them of course. Wishing I could hug them one more time and ask them questions that have been coming to me about family that never entered my mind to ask them when they were living. Now I have no one to answer these questions. So if you are lucky enough to still have your Mom today sit down and get her to tell you about her family. Believe me you will not regret it later in life.

I also thought of you my friend wondering if you were with your families and enjoying your day. Please let me know how your day went and if your children are doing good. Also I want to know how you are because here lately I am slow getting to all the sites I need to get too. Catch me up I love it and so will others that read my comments.

Real quick let me tell you how goofy I am now. Is it age or tooooo many pain pills. I went to Wal-Mart on the way home from work Friday. Since my fall I try to park close to the same area every time I go in that store because believe me when I say I have been lost in that parking lot trying to find my car.

Well I picked up just a couple of things and went back to get into my car. I came around to the passenger side to put my things in and when I opened the door a older lady was sitting in the seat. She screamed and I jumped back and almost screamed myself but managed to collect myself since I knew I had scared the poor woman to death. Anyway I was just fixing to ask her what the heck was she doing sitting in my car when I noticed the interior seats were a dark brownish color where my interior is a real light beige.

She stopped screaming when she noticed I  was wearing a Sheriffs uniform but then she just looked at me with such curiosty. I finally realized I was not at my car and felt like a fool. Immediately I told her of my mistake and told her several times how sorry I was for scaring her and that her car was just like mine.

My car was two cars over and I quickly made a dash for it. Her car was the same color and make of mine so I tried to convince myself it could happen to anyone. hahahaha

Poor lady I am just grateful she did not have a heart attach. I could just see me trying to do CPR on someone that I scared to death. I wanted to lecture her about sitting in the parking lot without locking her doors but I figured she probably learned a lesson too that day.

Looks like I can not leave the house alone anymore. Maybe it is a good thing Christi is back home. lol

Also today I was watering my plants in the front yard and my phone rang. I dropped the water hose to answer the phone and when I did a brown snake slid by towards the outside of the picket fence. This is the first snake I have seen inside my yard since I have lived here almost five years. As much mowing as I use to do on the North forty I never saw snakes and was thankful. But in the last month now I have made up for the last five years. They are really out around the pond but this is the first one I have seen near my home.

With us in a horrible drought I guess this is going to be a bad year for snakes because their looking for water. I want be watering the yard anymore in sandals. Thank goodness I have several pairs of boots I can wear. I think too is my blue healer was killed back in February and she kept snkes at bay. Time to look for another dog or guineas.

Have a wonderful week. Thanks so much for all the kind comments. I read and enjoy each and everyone of them. I think you may be right about giving in and lying down in their durn cell but the thought just slays me. lol

Found out the woman that murdered her boyfriend came back to our jail to serve 180 days. Now I have only been gone a year so she did not go to trial right away so what sentence did they give this woman for shooting her boyfriend in the head while he slept. Can not believe she will only be serving 6 months here.

Something is not right there.

Sweet dreams and love to all



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