Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Home Sweet Home!

Oh boy do I miss being at home during the day! I just told Christi there is no time now for blogging, writing, reading and visiting with Gretchen. Maybe when I get back into the routine of it all I can find time for all the things I like doing but right now I feel left out.

This is an old picture of the ole farm house I live in. Now I have flowers blooming in pots so one day soon I will take a new picture. I did pick my first tomato from my pot garden. Last night Christi and I tore off some lettuce leaves from my pot of lettuce and made us a great salad to go along with her spaghetti she made us for supper. I tell you I could get spoiled having someone cook for me. lol

Last night about 9PM I heard screaming and I walked out my back door and Gretchen was chasing off Bill. Gosh I wish you could of seen her running after him. Bill is the armadillo that has been coming around for a while now and when she first met him it was a friendly relationship. Then it turned sour when he got into her wild flower garden that she planted on the side of her house. Now she wants to Kill Bill because he dug up her okra. When it comes to okra don't mess with Gretchen. The girl loves okra any shape or form. So for the first time ever she planted some okra and was so excited watching it grow. Now all she has in mind is killing Bill.

Gretchen has been ask to act again. When I met her she had swore acting off  and she came out here to hide out and write but they are after her for a part in some movie. Guess we will see what she is going to do.  Christi and I bought a fake snake tonight at the dollar store and it gets bigger when you put it in water. So this weekend Gretchen has to be away for the day to talk about this movie so my bad daughter and I are going to slip over to her house and put it in her commode. By the time she gets back home it should be double the size and it is already big. lol.....

I know that is mean of us but you have to understand before Christi came here last week Gretchen was always trying to scare me one way or the other so they say pay backs are hell. Only thing is she want forget this will she?

Monday morning when I woke up to go to therapy and then work I was bent over from the pain in my back. This happened about a month ago and I had to go to the emergency room. Well I managed to get to therapy and they let me go since they knew I could not do anything. Then I drive over 25 miles to work and thought for sure they would tell me to go home but nope I had to work bent over and in pain. Honestly the way they were looking at me I think they thought I was faking it. Who in their right mind would fake bending over walking.

Today I was better but still in pain. Hopefully I can make it the rest of the week. I have not heard from my attorney about anything so I guess I need to touch base with her and see what her plans are for me.

The boy that murdered his whole family was put on lock down because he threatened one of our night officers. He told him that he had already killed 5 people one more would not make a difference. Can you imagine telling a Officer that and shows he absolutely has no remorse. What blows my mind is how long it is taking for his trial. He has already been in there way over a year. Nonsense don't you think.

The cell they want me to lay down in on breaks is in isolation next to him. I guess he and I could talk between the walls. Creepy!!!

Well I mainly got on here tonight to check on you and to say hello. Be glad when I get use to all these changes going on right now and I have more time to visit.

Remember I am thinking of you and praying you are doing good.

Sweet Dreams



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