Thursday, May 26, 2011

Too Many Storms!

So much I wanted to talk to you about this morning but time is short since I have to be at the Sheriff's Office  in just a little while.  What is really on my mind this morning is all of you that live where all the horrific storms have been destroying everything in their path.

Last night we got a small taste of what you have been going through and the whole time I kept thinking of how horrible it must of been and is for you. I am keeping everyone in my prayers and please let me know how you are because I know many of you live in these areas. I have cousins in Oklahoma that I am trying to find out about hopefully they are okay. Also wondering about my blogging buddies so  if you can drop me a note telling me your okay.

Of course I want to hear from all of you because I love reading your comments.

Things here are about the same/ Christi is having car issues and the last two days we have had to tow her car somewhere. Hoping it is nothing major wrong but being a little car that goes Zoom Zoom  no telling what is the matter. It is one of those little Crossfire's. The car is now For Sale. lol

Work has been more than a little crazy so I will catch you up soon on what has been going on there. They brought in another man that murdered his Case Manager so now we have 7 murderers in a small facility which has to be a record. 

I am still fighting for a new doctor but still no luck there. I am not giving up though.

Gretchen met someone in acting class and so she has been going to Austin more than usual so I miss hanging out with her. She did come over the other night for grilled Hamburgers and entertained Christi and I with what she has been doing.  Here is Gretchen and her new friend getting reading to go to a festival in Austin. She painted his face as a puppy and he did something funny with her eye. Gretchen said they walked around all night with painted faces even when they left the festival. haha In Austin you can do that.

I sent her an email when I got this picture and said, "Cute Puppy.....I want one!"  hahaha

Enjoy your Thursday. I kept thinking all last night that it was going to be Friday today so boy was I disappointed to realize I had two more days left of my work week.

Still trying to catch up with all of you. Don't give up on me!

Love to all


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