Thursday, June 2, 2011

Dead Fly Art!

Yep I have finally lost it! I am doing a post about Dead Fly Art. Have you ever seen anything as gross as this.

Or this?

Not sick yet! How about this picture!

NO I did not do these pictures for this post but believe me I could have very easily since there is no shortage of flies at the North Forty here lately.

Just when I think I have seen everything there is to see in life someone sends me these pictures. Actually I am showing the good ones there are a lot worse than these. Why would someone send me these you wonder? Well it could be for almost a week now I have been totally over whelmed with the thousands of flies that are trying to take over the North Forty.

Never thought that I would hate living out here but if I had the strength to move right now I think this would be the time I would do it.

I can handle a half dozen flies bothering me but when you walk out on your porch and at the garden gate there are so many flies swarming that you get nauseated then it is time for drastic measures.

I have tried everything you can imagine to get my yard back. Christi left today for a few days in Austin with friends. I honestly think she could not stand them any more or listening to her mom complain.

Lowe's and Home Depot are running low on every thing that pertains to killing flies because I have bought them out. Believe me when I say not much has helped. I hung up five of those disgusting fly catchers that you fill half way up with water and they put out a disgusting order and the flys go inside and can't get out. Now I have five bags full enough to make one gag and yet they have not put a dent into my problem.

There is a Cherry Laurel tree near the side entry that drops hundreds of black berries and I guess this is one of my problems. Another problem is I live next to a ranch that they feed their cattle near the fence next to our place. Nice huh?  Of course their nice house is the other direction of this feed lot.

I have sprayed and sprayed Eco friendly spray because my out door momma cat had kittens so I am trying not to kill them. Any body out there have a suggestion for me besides moving.

I have been washing my porch down with Dawn liquid and still no help. I guess Christi is right I am obsessed with these horrible creatures. I believe I dream about them too. lol

Anyway when I start doing post about Dead Fly Art you know I need help! So come quickly to my rescue. I am even willing to let you take me to the State Mental Hospital in Austin that is if there are no flies.

Open for suggestions. Just leave me a comment.

Sorry if I have made you sick!

Sweet Dreams


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