Monday, June 13, 2011

I Poisoned My Daughter!

Christi by daughter on the left. Me on the
No It's her friend Lisa.....

Remember the post I did about being totally obsessed with my fly problem. Well........I took things to extreme. Now you know that is not something I do. Right?

Last week one of the Officers at work came into the Office and was telling us how he had solved the bug problems around his house. He caters a lot and therefore of course does not want bugs around. My ears perked up when he mentioned it took care of the flies too. I sat up gave him my undivided attention.

Well he told us him and his brother mix Pine Sol and Bleach together and spray the whole outside of their houses. They do this about every two months and they swear by it.

I was sitting in a room surrounded by Officers and Fireman waiting for one of them to jump up and tell him you can't mix anything with bleach. No one questioned his mixture and even agreed they would try it. I so wanted to tell them my belief about the bleach but since one of them at one time had even been a Fire Chief I kept silent.

All the way home I kept saying should I do let me say to you if YOU have to ask yourself over and over if you should do it.....we all know the answer is No. Well my obsessive side won and I wheeled my SUV into Wal Mart and got the biggest bottle of bleach and Pine Sol they sold.

Rushed home combined the two together and started spraying the heck out of those nasty flies. Enjoyed every moment that one fell to the ground. Horrible I know but their disgusting.

Half way through the operation KILL the Bad Boys my daughter Christi came out the front door to take her dog Toby out for his evening stroll. They walked around the area I was spraying and then I continued to spray after they were out of the area.

Two hours later Christi is laying on the couch and I had just put my PJ's on and getting comfy and she turns to me and tell me she is sick. I ask her what was wrong and she complained of chest pains, nausea and sore throat.

My motherly senses told me OH No this is really not good Then I thought of the spray I used. Grabbed the phone and called the Poison Control Center in Texas. Quickly there was help on the line and I explained what I had combined and sprayed and that my daughter was sick.

The lady wanted to know her name and age and then told me to tell her to take a hot shower and then go straight to the emergency room. The hot shower was to help clear the lungs until we could get to the ER.

She also told me NEVER ever mix anything with Bleach. Not anything! I told her I understood and would never do it again.

By this time I felt as low as one of those dirty flies I was trying to kill and wanted to cry. I had poisoned my precious girl.

We both dressed and headed for town. I kept asking her how she felt and told her to hang her head near the window so the fresh air could get inside her lungs.

Once there they did not even wait for us to do the paper work they took her immediately in a room and took her vitals. She had been Chemically Poisoned and they gave her a treatment like they do for Asama. Our sweet friends Donna and YaYa both work in ER's so they probably can tell you more of what went on than I can explain. What a job these two girls have....I so admire them both.

They were nice in the ER but I have to tell you I thought a couple of times CPS was going to come in and arrest me. lol

Thank God her lungs were clear and after some pills and a shot we drove home. I made her sleep in my room the farthest from the front porch. lol

Christi was a sweetheart through out the whole ordeal. Even when the doctor teased her about was she still going to stay with me after this. She said something crazy about me and they all laughed.

Actually she found another apartment in Austin today and is looking at moving around August 15th. It will be strange being out here alone again.

Believe me I have had nightmares about this and how close I came to really hurting Christi.

The next day at work I let all those guys know what had happened and they looked like I was telling a big fib. I even told them that being fireman I thought they would of known better. That cleared the room of the fireman..

My obsession with the flies is still a problem but instead of spraying chemicals I hired someone to cut down one of the trees next to my side entry where a lot of them were gathering. I know sounds extreme too but it drops berries this time of the year and the flies love it. It made more shade than I realized there but I can live with a sunny spot for some plants now.

And on top of all of this I still have sooooooooo many flies. Never seen anything like it. Everyone says it is because we are in a drought. Everything now is blamed on the drought. Who Knows!

Thanks so much for coming by and joining me again. I hated telling you about what a bad mother I am. I know I want be nominated this year in our town for Mother of the Year so I can forget that banquet. lol

Hope you liked my dream wedding and you went by Stephanie's site for her party. I appreciate all of you leaving your kind comments. I have received a few emails asking if I was holding out on you about a guy in my life and have I ever kept a secret from you. long as I write for Just Between Me and You there probably want be any secrets.

Oh today I got my temporary tooth. It is a bridge for now until I decide on doing an implant. Which I am pretty sure that is the route I will take. They did a good job with this bridge but getting use to it may be a while. An Oral surgeon pulled what was left of the tooth and before he numbed my mouth so I could not speak he and I discovered that we both grew up in the same town of La Porte, Texas and his mother went to La Porte High too. She was a few years ahead of me but I remembered her. So now I have to go look her up in my old year book. Being that this dentist is now in Austin which is a long way from La Porte what were the chances of me going to him. He gave me a fifty dollar discount remember that when you go get your teeth fixed find out where hes from and you never know it could happen to you too. hahaha

Stay well and cool this week. It is a 100 all week here and continued no Rain in sight. Gretchen, Christi and I are working on a Rain Dance one night this week. Do you want to join us?

Sweet Dreams and Love to all



That is not me in the picture in case I fooled you!


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