Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sunday Writing Session!

Sunday afternoon Gretchen I met for a writing session. We both have been slackers lately when it comes to writing. Both with different reasons for not following our bliss but after such a great session this past Sunday we made a decision to meet every Sunday evening. 

Afterwards we walked around enjoying the gardens. Here I captured Gretchen while she was watching two Robins enjoying their evening. Never could capture a photo of them.

This is where we decided to do our Sunday sessions. Isn't this the most beautiful library ever.

Caught Gretchen coming down the stairs of the activity center of the library.

Here is one of the many Gardens that surround the Library.

I love taking pictures of flowers. Not bad for a small digital. lol

Can you tell that this is a Bird Nest built on a ceiling of a porch. Gretchen being 12 inches taller than me took this picture. I could not believe it turned out where the bird was peaking out of the nest.

Hope you enjoyed our evening together. I have to add that I read several scenes from Gretchen's screen play and WOW has this young lady got talent. She in turn read a few of my chapters and was excited for me and of course encouraged me to quit the Sheriff's Office and just write. Wouldn't that be sweet.

Off to bed here in a little while because I have to go back to the dentist in the morning at 7am because she messed up with my impressions and they have to be redone. Now how is that for continued luck. Especially when her office is two hours away. Then she will send the impressions off to the lab and should have them back by Monday so when the Oral Surgeon pulls the rest of my tooth she can put the temporary in.

Gosh I am still in shock of loosing such a important tooth. As always I laughed my fool head off with your comments about my bad luck. lol.....You guys kill me but in the best way.

I have to be at work in the morning by 11am so I am going to be cutting it close getting there in time. Today we had to book in another murderer. He shot his girlfriend and her mother. I am beginning to think that for a small Texas County that this is starting to be like a bad nightmare. Eight in a small jail now is unreal.

Ms Pearl came out too today at work. My Corporal made a comment that I did not like and of course before I knew it Ms Pearl let him know he was totally out of place. He told the others, "I knew if I worked long enough with Maggie I would bring out Ms. Pearl!"

Enjoy life follow your Bliss amazing things are waiting on us.

Sweet Dreams
and Love to All


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