Saturday, June 4, 2011

Toothless Obessed Old Hag!

NOW What! 

I know that's what your thinking....what has happened now at the North Forty. Well if you read the last post you know I admitted to letting my fly problem drive me completely up the wall crazy.  When you post pictures of fly art on your site it does somehow confirm you have totally lost it.

Yep for days now I have tried ever concoction known to man and then some. Went to Lowe's and bought out their section of fly traps. Then went back to their garden center and bought all of their basil since I read that flies hate basil. Moved my Lavender Plants to the fly infected area and still no relief.

First thing this morning before even brushing my teeth I hurry outside to see if a miracle happened overnight. Nope flies and more flies. The guy at the store told me that all we needed was a hard rain and they would be gone so for about the 100th time I washed down my porch and surrounding area. Then I left the sprinkler on hoping I would fool a couple of thousand of them and they would fly over to Gretchen's porch. hahaha

Well after I have everything soaked including myself I decide to go back inside and take my bath. Unknown to me I had locked the door when I came outside. Usually I keep a spare hidden but Christi has it and she is in Austin. Mad at myself for doing this and mad at myself for the obsession of trying to rid the North Forty of flies.

I walk over to Gretchens and ask her if she has a house key of mine and no she did not. She will from now on. lol.....She offered to let me stay with her until Christi came home this evening but I knew I could not do that since it was only 9 in the morning.

So with all my windows nailed shut there wasn't but one way to get in and I sure hated to do it but I grab a tool and a rag from my car and broke one of the panes out of my back door. Did not want to have another problem to take care of but I was hot, thirsty and crazy so I broke the window. I felt just like one of those guys on TV who hit the window reach in and turn the door handle. I made sure my hand was wrapped because I did not need a trip to the emergency room.

Now your wondering what does the title of this post have to do with being a Toothless Obessed Old Hag. Well I now have bigger problems that my flies. The other morning I got up and when I looked in the mirror before brushing my teeth I had one missing. Never have I lost a tooth without having one pulled. This one just broke off without giving me one day of trouble. What really sucks is it is not in the back of my mouth but bottom front towards the side.

To say I was devastated was not the word. I cried and poor Christi thought oh Lord why did I move back home. lol I went to the dentist and she took x-rays and told me my options. Seven hundred dollars later I walk out with the same toothless smile but broker. It seems an oral surgeon will have to pull whats left of the tooth and then she will do a partial bridge for me. I choose to do a permenent one which of course is higher but in the long run I knew it would be better for me. The thing is it takes months to get all of this done.

In the meantime I have to wait on the Oral Surgeon to make me an appointment then she can put a temporary bridge in that she did impressions for.

The dentist is not sure yet but she thinks it is from all the Pain Killers I have taken over a year now. She says certain narcotics can damage your teeth. Now I know why I see so many toothless people in jail.

So your friend this morning has turned into a Obsessed Toothless Old Hag who cries everytime she looks in the mirror or walks outside on the porch. 

You should of seen me at work the last two days trying to not look at anyone or open my mouth. Lord knows that is a real problem for Maggie not to open her mouth. Right now I need to go to town but hate the thought of someone noticing the toothless old hag.

Better days are coming I just know they are.

Have a great weekend and Smile for me!

Love to all


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