Saturday, June 18, 2011

What Are You Reading?

The only thing that could possibly be me in this picture is the hat....hahahaha

It seems the only way I can stay out of trouble is to read a good book. I am wanting to find one now that will keep my interest for more than the first chapter. One that I can't wait for bed time to come so I can curl up with it. (Sad I know all I curl up with is a book or Tinkerbell)

So since I have not a clue what to read I know you can help me out. What is your favorite read for this summer?

It is 105 degrees here right now and I so need to clean house and do some yard things but I am tempted to take a nap.

Thank you for voting for Kaci in her Race for a Cure. We both appreciate you so much for caring and voting.

I hope all of you Dads have a great Father's Day. My son Clint is tops in my book for what it takes to be a Great Father. He works long and hard hours but comes home and showers his two babies with his love and guidance. Thanks Clint for being the best Father to my two grand babies.

Miss my Dad very much as I know a lot of you out here miss your Dad's too. My dad was young when he passed away but left us with nothing but good lovely memories of him.

Looking forward to your comments about what you are reading. Don't be shy I need a good

Love to all



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