Sunday, July 3, 2011

Happy 4th Of July!

Isn't it wonderful to be an American! I know times are hard for our nation right now but we are One Nation Under God! If we stand together and pray for this Nation we will always be celebrating the 4th of July!

I woke up this morning thinking of our troops and what they must feel celebrating the 4th in such a far away land.  Remember our troops tomorrow and pray for their safe return.. Pray also for our Nation!

I have been very blessed the last two Saturdays because my sons from Austin came to see me.
Week before last Chad came and spent the day with Christi and I. We went out to eat Mexican Food and then to the movies. Christi had been dying to see Bad Teacher so thats what we watched.

If it weren't for the language it would be a great movie. I felt like they could of toned down the use of  the potty mouth and still had a funny comedy. But I enjoyed myself because I had Chad on one side and Christi on the other.

Then yesterday Clint and his family came for a visit. Always fun to have them and to catch up with my two grandbabies. We spent the day here at the North Forty for the most part. I had Brisket and Sausage for lunch and then we went to a near by restaurant for dinner.

Kaci and Bailey were a riot to be around. I never can get enough hugs and kisses when their with me.
I will have to share some photo's of Kaci bathing the kittens. OMG she had herself a good time putting them in my claw foot tub. I normally would not have considered bathing them in it but hey when your grandbaby say's please what do you do? lol

Christi missed their visit since she is in Austin this weekend. Suppose to be back in the morning.
I have to work this 4th of July but it's okay.

This will be a busy week for me since I have my endurace test Wednesday. Not sure if I will know the results though until I go back to the idiot pain doctor on the 11th. Did I say that out loud? I really should not call him that.....

It really has been a lazy day of summer here today. Temps are in the 100's and my AC is running constantly.
I am watering what's left of my grass now so I guess I need to take a break and move the sprinkler.
Wish I had a big sprinkler system out here....

Just could not let the 4th go by without

Love to all


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