Tuesday, July 5, 2011

One Crazy Day!

 On my last post I mentioned Kaci giving the kittens a bath. Well here is the only picture that turned out in the bathtub. This poor Twinkie looks like a drowned rat. He actually behaved very well through out the whole ordeal.

After bathing Twinkie the Calico she caught one of the twins. She wants to name him Chestnut and his brother Walnut. hahaha......Not sure about those two names .....

I also had mentioned telling you about my crazy Monday a week ago. Hope I can remember everything that happened in just an hours time.

While trying to get ready for work my youngest brother Gary phoned.. He had did a job out here for my landlady and was wanting to be paid. Being the good sister that I am I told him to meet me at the bank and I would get his money for him.

I hurry and put my uniform on and leave for the bank. I get to the bank teller window and look in my purse for my Debit Card. Well the night before Gretchen and I had went to our writing session and I put it and my drivers license in my computer bag. After a minute searching for them I remembered where they were.

Well I live 10 miles from town and with time running short for me to drive to another county for work I was at a loss at what to do because I knew Gary wanted to be paid.

I explained to Gary what I did and it was like well go back home and get it. Since Gary works for himself he dosesn't seem to care that where I work you just aren't late.

I then call Christi and explain to her my problem and ask her to grab the Debit Card and License and meet me half way to town at a McDonalds. Realizing time is running out I call my Sgt and explain to him that I may be late but would do my best not too.

Christi drives up and I am thinking since there is a space right beside me that she will just pull in there. Instead she parks way across the drive way and being in a hurry I think what the heck ..so I start my car thinking OK I will save a few minutes and meet her walking over. WELL I start backing out and WHAM I hear this horrible crash and I see Christi waving her arms like no stop. I pull back up and turn off my car and jump out to see what I had hit.

In the same strip center of McDonalds there is a Exxon with the pumps out away from the stores. A not so smart man had pulled in to get gas for his truck pulling a long low boy trailer with lumber on it. Instead of parking the trailer on the other side of the driveway where there were no cars parked or traffic he just takes the first pump he can find which puts his trailer right behind my SUV and completely where I can not see it in my mirrors.

This explains why Christi did not park in the space beside me because his trailer was blocking the driveway. Now you know how Ms. Pearl has behaved and kept a low profile for a while now but she jumped out of that SUV and much to my shame let out a few choice unlady like words.

When I say unlady like I am not joking. Words I never use and I am still over a week later can't believe I talked like that. Very upset with myself because that is just not me.. I hate cursing and just don't make a habit of it. But this is example of talking like the people you hang around with because those guys at work are horrible with their language. Not that this is any excuse for what I did. There is no excuse for it.

On top of that I was in my Sheriff's Uniform. Not good example at all. I am praying no one heard me but just myself was enough to anger me.

The driver drove off not even looking back I honestly don't even think he knew I hit his trailer. My back bumper has a big scratch but could of been worse.

Ashamed to even face Christi I take my things from her and drive back to the bank to meet Gary. I call him and tell him since I was late I was going through the ATM and meet me there.

I drive up to the ATM and it was out of Cash. I guess being a Monday morning they were late filling it from the weekend. Honestly I could not believe it when I saw the out of order sign.

Thinking that this morning can not be happening I drive around the corner and go inside the bank. Of course there is a line because of the ATM down. Finally I am in front of the same Teller again and he says, How are doing today?

I think Ms Pearl looked at him like he was crazy and I managed a smile and said "Great!"  hahaha

Anyway I gave Gary his money wished him a good day and drove to work.  How can so many things go wrong in such a short time. What a morning!

Gary has recovered well from his Throat Cancer. He is looking better everyday I still think of how you prayed for us both during his time of at the Hospital and his treatments. I will always be grateful to you for your prayers. Thank you!  
Love to all!


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