Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Stuffed Peppers!

Boy am I going to miss Christi when she moves back to Austin next month. Tonight she is fixing Stuffed Peppers from her new Recipe Book!

At this minute while I am visiting with you she is working really hard in my tiny farm kitchen. Wish I could put into words how yummy this smells.

Of course she was saying NO Pictures Momma!

It is a challenge cooking in this little space but she makes things happen.

Since she was sweet enough to cook tonight I will try to get the kitchen back to this after dinner!

We both have been suffering from some kind of stomach virus going around. She was feeling a lot better so wanted to try this. I am sitting here hoping I can enjoy her hard work. If not I will have it for lunch tomorrow. Wish you were here to enjoy this with us.

Blogger is still driving me crazy! I have been going to sites and when I leave my comment half the time it says Service Error 593 or something like it.

One site I did get to visit today was  Dan at Yesterday Once More! If you can go by and read his post.

He is giving us a sneak peek of  A Primitive Place & Country Journal magazine the fall 2011 issue. 

Serveral of the articles in this amazing magazine are written by our friend Dan.

You can even order your copy over at Dan's. I can't wait to get a copy!

Well I am out of here for the night.....the peppers are smelling really yummy!

Hope you have a wonderful evening.

Love to all



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